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Been busy…

Just a few things to talk about…

6 thoughts on “Been busy…

  1. Looks like you have been busy. Your library is great to offer so many fun things to do. Until next time, keep crafting.


  2. Woo, pattern testing! I love getting a peek at your room.

    I literally just pulled the Grunge you gifted me from Peddler’s Way for my YoD mini stash! Someday you will take me there!

    I love your parchment paper. We did that a million years ago for a birthday party and the kids loved it so much.

    Hmm. Maybe the extreme glitter settled? You’re getting your decoupage game ON.


  3. Oh so much yummy fabric!

    I love your library videos. Fun crafts for the cool kids library.

    There are a huge selection of Modge Podge now. It’s a trap… don’t gooooo…. to late 🤣

    I love all the ideas you’ve put together for the videos. Lots of fun to be had with them.

    Happy Crafting


  4. Enablers???? In Talk to Me Tuesday or Fandom in Stitches??? Yeah. Pretty much.

    We have a sort of sedate, older-audience geared quilt shop in my area. Definitely not one I’ve gone back to.

    The parchment paper is a GREAT project idea for kids/the library. Love it.

    Wow, so many projects! Sounds pretty dang creative to me. Glad you’re well!


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