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TTMT # 93 Happy Tops

Updated to add my photos I forgot.

9 thoughts on “TTMT # 93 Happy Tops

  1. So long ago! It’ll be at least spring before we can get together again because the world/life is crazy. Both tops are very cheerful!

    That custom ruler is so neat! I really hope it works out for you. I know absolutely nothing about ruler work.

    Have a great week!


  2. The quilt tops are fun and cute and will be loved I am sure. It’s such happy fabric!

    I watched a ruler video this weekend that I found really helpful from HQ, and one of the recommendations was not to use rulers bigger than 6-8 inches in length because the longer they are, the harder they are to hold down and control, which made sense. I still have yet to install my ruler base. Maybe tomorrow morning before work.


  3. The Linus quilt tops are cute. Lots that you can do with ruler work on them. I like your custom ruler. That is great that your husband included your business name and made a spot for you to hold onto. I really like the rulers that have the 1/4″ mark indented on them.


  4. Hi Jen! Aren’t husbands useful sometimes?! LOL! That’s awesome that he can make those for you. I got a couple of rulers when I bought the long arm and the dealer threw in the base, but I haven’t tried them yet and now that’s over a year ago! Bear top so cute. Don’t you love it when things can come together quickly like the brick pattern. Sometimes we just need to sew and not have to think about what we’re doing.

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  5. The chocolate box blocks really well in that quilt top with the panel. It looks really good.

    Some of the bugs on that second quilt creep me out a little haha… the lady bugs are very cute though. I like spiders for their ability to eat other bugs, but ugh… I don’t like seeing them 😀

    That’s really awesome your husband was able to make a ruler for you!


  6. I love all the Eric Carle fabric. One of my favorite authors. I had lots of his books when I was teaching. You are doing a lot of quilts lately. Are you going to meet Jennifer 1/2 way sometime? If so, I’d like to add some blankets to your pile for Linus, too.


    1. I love all things Eric Carle. I painted my daughters room Eric Carle things when she was little.

      I’m not sure exactly when we will meet up but I’ll be sure to touch base with you before we do. Hopefully sometime this spring.


  7. Hi–catching up on videos a bit late! 🙂

    Linus quilts look great–definitely understand just keeping piecing while waiting for the ideas on what you want to do to gel.

    Good luck with the ruler quilting!


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