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TTMT 133

6 thoughts on “TTMT 133

  1. The spaceship quilt is great. If you changed the friendship star, you can change the Ohio star. But if you don’t that is ok also, I kind of like the points being different. You never know what you might see out in space. I have added another book to my to read list. Plus the book, The Right Stuff. Goodreads can be another time eater….
    I like your chart and how you are putting the dates on it that you work on projects.


  2. I think if the chart works for you absolutely go for it. I haven’t done one since 2019, but I am considering doing something this year, if only jotting it in a notebook so I can cross things off as they get finished, and just note when I move it to the next phase of construction.

    The space ship quilt is so cute, I love it! I certainly woudn’t think you need to redo that part if you are fine with it as it is.


  3. Girl, you are on top of that ufo challenge! I really like your approach. It’s so good to remind yourself that you are making progress especially when you feel like you aren’t.

    Love the rocket, of course! I’m not sure, but I *think* your background fabric is what I used for sashing on my son’s graduation quilt. I’ve also got a few bits and pieces of the Riley Blake space fabrics. That’s almost entirely what I made his masks out of. I love that fabric!

    Fixing a block in the middle of a quilt is no easy job. Well done, you!

    I’m an astronomer’s mom and I love your quilt. 🚀


  4. I LOVE the space quilt. I’ve lived most of my life in Houston and I’ve always been a space fan. Rich worked at several companies that worked with NASA. You did such a great job.


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