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TTMT #98 Startitis Again

9 thoughts on “TTMT #98 Startitis Again

  1. I’m so glad to hear your mom is out of the hospital!

    Your temperature blanket is going to be lovely. Boo to 80s in January. That does not bode well!

    365 granny squares is going to make a lot! They are very cute!

    It’s good to see you!

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  2. I really like the idea of the 365 granny squares! I might have to try something like that to get some daily crochet practice in and learn some different stitches.

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  3. I’m so glad your mom got to leave the hospital. I have considered the 365 days of granny squares, but I’m not ready to start playing with those tribbles yet. 😉

    Your temperature blanket looks so good! 81 sounds fantastic to me right now, but I know that means summer is just going to be so hot, blech.

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  4. Glad to hear your mother is doing better.
    The Granny Squares look fun and different designs too.
    A Woman of No Importance is on my to read list. You might like The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict- It’s a historical fiction about Hedi Lamar. I have read several books of WWII era. Some nonfiction and some historical fiction.


    1. I just finished The Only Woman in the Room. I didn’t remember you said it was about Hedi Lamar so was shocked when she got to America!! It was great book (the end was not the best) I’m glad you told me about it.

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