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TTMT #92 More practice blocks & YoD

11 thoughts on “TTMT #92 More practice blocks & YoD

  1. I am always so impressed with all those tiny pieces in those nebula blocks. I think your practice version and your “official” version are going to both be amazing.

    I have pressed pause on my YoD. I do plan to do a multifandom version of a bookcase quilt, but I am just not sure what I want to do. And I don’t want to have a bunch of blocks that don’t end up in the quilt. So I have decided, since so far none of the blocks released have spurred me on to making them, I am going to fous right now on finishing some WIPs and UFOs and getting my moxie sorted and start practicing on my ruler base, too. We can be ruler newbies together. 😉 There just aren’t enough days in the week… I really need to retire, lol.

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    1. I’m sure I’ll be thrilled with both versions of Nebula.

      I knew I would make a YoD as soon as Jen mentioned it. I certainly don’t need to make it but desperately wanted to do so. So
      I’ll be surprised if I don’t stay on take with this one.

      We can totally be ruler noobs together 🤣

      Never ever enough time!


  2. Nebula blocks are looking great.
    So far I have only completed one Fandom quilt, the Dr Who one. That is because my daughter did all the embroidery. I just had to piece and quilt it.
    I have two quilts that I want to do ruler work with FMQ, but haven’t decided what I want to do yet.


  3. Nebula and pre-nebula has been such a skill builder for you. Your blocks are fantastic, even the scrappy ones!

    I’m finally starting YoD this week. I’ve got a plan to transfer some of my stash to the garage which will help!

    Fun, fun fabrics! Also? I’m loving your shirt!

    3D printed ruler… How cool is that?!


    1. The fun part of Nebula is it is nowhere near as complicated as it looks. I mean maybe later but not right now. I generally feel the same about paper piecing. It’s typically easier than it looks.


  4. It’s so funny, I bought those exact same fabrics. Made Caity a Friends pillowcase and both kids The Office pillowcases. Patrick’s actually been using his, at least I see them when we Facetime! LOL! Loving the Nebula blocks. Will you do a practice block for each month?


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