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TTMT 3 on a Wednesday

14 thoughts on “TTMT 3 on a Wednesday

  1. Hans Gruber bear….it took me a minute. LOL! 😀 He’s adorable though. Loved your Wonder Woman one too.

    Good to see you back, Vicky! Maybe one day I’ll get back too.


    1. Please come back , its like I forgot how much I missed seeing everyone without feeling guilty that I was not taking part . We Miss you xx


  2. There are only two people: Those who think Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and those who are wrong. But anyway, love Hans! Hang in there with the English. Writing is never about being able to identify the parts of speech, but it can help when troubleshooting. Most of it goes in one ear and out the other, and teachers know this. (I rarely teach writing at such a technical level because I think it’s mostly a waste of time.)

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  3. Pointy circle blankets are delightful and your little bear is adorable!

    As an autistic person who didn’t get any kind of support as a child, I really enjoy hearing you talk about your daughter. I get that a lot of things can be a struggle for you both, but it will make such a difference that you both know what’s going on and work to accommodate how her brain works. You sound like such a good mum.


    1. that just made me cry , after a day of stress over English and Maths I often wonder if I am doing the right thing. Thank you . we really just want what’s best for her, I don’t care if she doesn’t get great grades , but I don’t want anything to hold her back if she wants to do something. As a Mum its hard because you don’t want her to struggle with anything but the nature of this world does not make it easy on an Autistic person. It encourages me to know that there are grown ups out there like you who made it though the school challenges.


  4. I love your Amber blanket. It’s very pretty colors. I get bored easily. I try to limit my projects that I know will do that to me.

    Oh the Hans is so sweet.

    You are giving yourself crafting breaks.

    Oh I think some of the methods for teaching have changed and I’m not sure for the better. It’s definitely not what we did in school.

    Oh I’m sorry she had a rough go of that lesson. One of my kids struggle with things like that as well. It’s hard to watch and work through with them. Hugs

    Happy Crafting

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  5. Your Amber blanket is really coming along! I have projects that are just “here and there” and I find that I’m totally okay with that. Work on it when you’re feeling it!

    That. Bear. Is. So. Cute.

    Hang in there mum, you’re doing great!


    1. I just want to say that this group you have created is so nurturing and warm and supportive. Its telling to me that I have to find my tribe of crafters to get the support I need from people who just get that crafting is an escape from the hardships , the kind words since I have been back are like a Balm for my soul..


  6. Love your tshirt!

    Your bear is quite adorable. Gruber does feel like the only appropriate last name for a Hans.

    You know if you need to talk about the schooling thing, I think you should.. People need to vent sometimes and I don’t mind if you vent in our direction!


  7. Thank you, I do worry that people ,may think I just moan but then I remember that you are all my crafty tribe and I feel better. xx


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