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TTMT#36 Tools of the Trade

16 thoughts on “TTMT#36 Tools of the Trade

    1. This comment is cat approved!

      I feel like anyone in their right mind shouldn’t say no to bonus cats. My singing on the other hand…eek!


  1. OMG the cute darning eggs! I have a couple of those lying around I inherited from relatives. Just wooden, no fancy handles. My mom had to tell me what they were because I was like, this maraca is broken, lol.

    I had a knitting loom for many years that I made in 6th grade art class. I used to make scarves on it. Very similar to a knifty knitter loom but made with flathead nails and pieces of scrap wood. Now we need Laura to come back to TTMT so we have two weavers! I bet she could give you all kinds of tips.

    That grommet press is massive. I have one of those squeezing ones but it’s an industrial one that was my dad’s that be bought to repair canvas tarps and camping tents. So it’s super heavy duty. NOT easy to use. I bet this one will work much easier.


    1. I used to use an unfinished wooden egg I bought at a craft store for darning. It worked…but I expect having a handle to hang onto, and a better idea of what I’m doing, will help. Have you seen/heard of darning looms? If not, you might look them up for fun. They’re interesting little devices!

      Nice! My only real experience with weaving was on a diy cardboard loom in 2nd grade. Your wood and nail loom sounds considerably sturdier.

      Oh man, if you think the one I bought is massive, you’d be absolutely boggled by the freestanding foot pedal operated presses out there!


  2. Ha, I saw the still frame and was like HAS SHE BEEN WEAVING ALREADY?! I should have known those are not your colors. You’ve got most of a potholder there.

    It is so very strange to see you in my sewing room, but I’m glad that you’re filming and have some fun things to play with.

    The knee cushion is SO FUZZY. Because of course it is.


    1. Ha! No, I’m determined to finish a knit scarf first before I start playing with the loom.

      It is strange for me too.

      Maybe I should patchwork up a cover for the knee wedge?


  3. I have a darning egg in my living room on my end table and use it to darn my socks. Yours are very neat. Great find.
    I love the weaving loom. I was lucky this summer and was able to buy two floor looms. A childhood dream come true. I have not had a chance to use them, but enjoy going down and looking at them. The way they are set up, I can’t weave on them right now. You are going to have fun with the loom.
    The grommet press looks like a really useful tool. I can see that being put to use.


    1. Oh my goodness! TWO floor looms sounds like the height of crafty dreams. If you’re ever comfortable sharing photos or video, I’d love to see them!

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  4. It is sooooo good to see you. Before you told us what the first tools were, I thought the little blue one was a maraca. Those are some nice gifts. I hope you really enjoy them.
    Those beautiful cats were a very nice bonus.


    1. It’s good to be back to having things to post! I have something of a fascination for antique tools, the more obscure the better!

      I shall pass the compliments, and some pets, on to my little fluff balls.


  5. The darning tools are neat. I love the name it on.

    Oooh I always love looms. I love weaving. Have fun experimenting with it.

    Grommet press is great. I can’t imagine you won’t love it compared to hammering them.

    Happy Crafting


  6. The loom looks very cool… I can’t wait to see what you wind up making with it! It looks about the right size to make the kinds of wall-hangings you see people selling at craft shows. Anyway, it looks like it’ll be fun to play with.


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