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TTMT #82 Getting my sewjo back

7 thoughts on “TTMT #82 Getting my sewjo back

  1. I love how bright that quilt is! I hope he loves it! Can’t wait to see it quilted and get a look at the Spiderman prints on the back.


  2. The quilt is FANTASTIC. He is seriously going to love it. And you are right, all those solid fabric larger squares are going to be fantastic for FMQ. You could even straight line quilt a grid following the seams of all the smaller squares with your walking foot first and THEN only do FMQ on the bigger squares. Have fun practicing!


  3. I still like to draw quilt designs out on graph paper. Your grandson is going to love that quilt. Trying different quilting designs will be fun. I also like Leah Day, Angela Walters, and Jamie Wallen for other quilt inspiration.


  4. Oh that’s a fun quilt.
    Your grandson is gonna love it. It is a good one to practice. Nice block size to play around with and kids love anything you do.

    Lol I hate piecing backs. It’s not at all the fun the front is unless you are literally doing a two sided quilt.

    Nice job!

    Happy Crafting


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