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TTMT#91 Diamonds & Jello

10 thoughts on “TTMT#91 Diamonds & Jello

  1. The nebula blocks look amazing. I love the scrappy block you made.

    The Office may end up being its own qal. We shall see!

    I hope your year smooths out so you can feel like your feet are under you again.


  2. Wow! Those diamonds are unbelievable. I’m glad you are enjoying making them.

    Yes, this us the perfect weather for working in the garage. Summer would be the pits.

    Take care


  3. Oh the nebula blocks look so amazing! SO many little pieces. They look so good, the scrappy ones too!

    It is still too cold here for us to tackle the garage, but I’m hoping maybe in March we can do that. It’s become a place to just throw stuff and run, lol.


  4. I love the triangle blocks they really work well.

    I have so many spaces that I have stuff just put away that really needs to go top the charity shop or the Rubbish Dump , but until those things are open again I will just keep pushing stuff in there and hope it all stays.

    hope the family stuff at least starts to ease off .


  5. The jello stapler block looks really great.. love it 😀 What a fun block.

    Your nebula blocks look really good! The blue Tula one is so pretty (love the shades of blue), but I just generally like that block… makes me think of curls of ribbon.


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