TTMT Video

TTMT#35 2020 Winter Gifts

This video wound up being delayed by a week due to a combination of editing/computer issues and how upsetting I found the political events of last week. Anyway, the final gift has been given! Pattern used for the last gift featured can be found here:

6 thoughts on “TTMT#35 2020 Winter Gifts

  1. The enfinity scarves are nice. The helmet is totally cool. Good job on your gifts, I am sure they will be appreciated.


  2. You have really gotten into a groove with the infinity scarves! They look lovely. And the knight helmet is silly but also very fun! Definitely need to see it on the recipient if we get the chance!


  3. First up I love Love Love your t-shirt . The scarfs are so pretty , I love the grey purple one . I need to get the crochet pattern for the Knights Helmet , it really is epic . I hope the person getting it loves it . I was also thinking you could adapt the pattern to make a hat with an in built face mask for wearing in shops (if you backed the face mask part with cotton fabric as well).


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