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TTMT 195

I feel like I sped talked through that video.

The pattern is Knitted Star from Lo and Behold Stitchery.

After I recorded this, I went upstairs to get ready to leave and promptly smashed a wine glass in the kitchen. And then I went to the spice store (for gochu garu) and then to a Chinese market (for sichuan peppers) and then to a hardware store (for a humidifer) and then to a grocery store (for milk and vinegar) and then to a drug store (that sells the laundry detergent I use) and then home. I don’t think I’ve been to so many stores in one day since I was a teenager hitting the mall circuit. My hands are sanitized to death.

28 thoughts on “TTMT 195

  1. Holy beans, those Knitted Stars look intense! I’m impressed.

    Your mystery qal fabrics are lovely, very sophisticated! It’ll fun to see how yours and Jeanie’s both look! Being into a project is a win. Roll with it!

    You had a very eventful post-video day.


    1. With the knitted stars, I did about half of a third one, which I scorched trying to keep everything very flat, so it was not a very fun experience haha! It makes a really beautiful quilt all put together, but also SO much work!

      I’m definitely enjoying the process with the mystery quilt, though it’s very slow going with me. I’m distracted by everything 😀 I hope I can get it done sooner than not though!

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  2. The knitted stars are beautiful. I have started two of Bonnie Hunters mystery quilts. Keep going with your mystery quilt. I like the colors you have picked for your quilt.

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            1. Does the colour placement matter much? Like if I want to swap out a colour for something else, will it ruin a motif somehow? (I have a cut out mystery quilt from a few years ago that I did in blues and oranges and it turned out to feature a flower style block design that I’d done in the blues with prints like… birds and telephones while the more traditional flower colours were all in backgrounds etc. and I’ve never put it together because I kind of think it’ll be awful.)

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            2. If you swap out colors, keep the color for the red as more of a darker color and the yellow as a lighter color. Then white as white. I’ll have two different methods of making the block units. So you can try both and then make the one you like best.

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  3. Yes you need Korean Chili Powder. I get that urge to make something.

    The blocks look gorgeous but completely complicated. I know from making 1 in Pixel quilts. It take nothing to get off on alignment & wonky. I have made a few but I always say never again 🤣

    I love how everyone’s Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts look so different. Your fabric is really beautiful. I look forward to seeing it.

    I think it’s good to dive deep into something you enjoy. Lean in and go for it!

    Lol omg I know exactly what you mean. I always say we lose our filters as we get older. It’s good and bad to listen too.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I once upon a time bought materials to do a Mario Bros quilt that was all pixels, but then I thought…. nope. I sort of suspect my propensity to give up on frustrating projects would have kicked in a bit too early on that project 😀


        1. Yeah, I’ve seen people do that, and I had contemplated trying it, but then I decided it was way too expensive to buy enough for a full-sized quilt, haha. Maybe one day I’ll have the patience for that kind of detail over a full quilt.

          I’ve seen some pretty cool pixel quilts of like… Elvis Presley and other people. They often look amazing.


            1. I think I could manage it with something fairly small… I saw a really neat pixel quilt once that used a small cross-stitch pattern to make the design and I thought it looked pretty cool. I think something like that might be fun, but… it’d have to be a pretty small motif, I think.

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  4. The knitted stars are so pretty but wow such tiny pieces. I totally get you saying making 2 was quite enough, lol.

    I think if you feel like working on the Mystery Quilt that’s what you should work on. And I totally know EXACTLY what you mean about people as they get older. I didn’t experience it with my dad because he died when he was 69, but my mom lived 10 more years and the last 5+ years she had almost zero filter left on her opinions. They lose their filter. OMG. There were times I even flat out said WOW to her, and she didn’t even realize just how snarky she sounded. Anyway it’s a beautiful quilt as we’ve seen with Jeanie’s and yours is totally different just from choosing such a different fabric line. I think it’s going to be amazing.


    1. Yeah, the knitted stars has SO many pieces in it too, so it’s not just that they’re small but that it’s got seams for days in every block! I wonder if I’d like it better doing a double size block (they’re already 20 some inches I think, or maybe 19″ each) so that at least you could get away with half as many blocks for the same size quilt haha. Probably wouldn’t look as good double sized though!

      My dad was already creeping into the old man No Time for Bullshit thing before his accident, but I think the accident kind of accelerated it. It can be both funny and horrifying. (Mostly with my dad it’s funny, but the last few years before my grandma died it definitely dipped into horrifying.) I guess we’re all getting a step closer to it every day though 😀


  5. Your poor hands after all that shopping . I love that you have a spice store , we just has the large supermarkets and independents are few and far between.

    I love the pink stars , but you put me off trying the pattern, because I always admire how precise you are and I am not very precise at all !

    Love all your fabric choices for your Mystery quilt , again so precise.

    The liberty prints are very pretty .


    1. There’s only the one spice store here, but we have a lot of ethnic grocery stores too, so even if the regular grocery stores haven’t got something, you usually can get almost anything from one of the Indian or Chinese grocery stores. The Korean spice (Gochu Garu) I just didn’t know how to read on Chinese packaging or I probably could have got it for half the price from the Asian supermarket haha. (The English on the package just says “red chili flakes” so it looks right but I couldn’t be certain!) It is nice to have the option though! The spice store felt like a hipster paradise, though… apothecary jars and creaky old wood floors and bearded dudes for days.

      The Knitted Stars can definitely be done even if you don’t want to fuss around with precision… I was tempted and in the future if I were to make another I would cut everything and 1/8″ too wide and then trim to size after every seam instead of worrying so much about the seams as I go. I have a ruler that helps for keeping log cabins straight that works similarly and I’m sure I could adapt the concept somehow.

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  6. WOW! All the projects look so good, but then all your projects always do. Thanks for the warning on the knitted star. It is gorgeous and something I’d be drawn to but it would drive me crazy.

    If you are into the Bonnie Hunter quilt, enjoy! I’m all for working on something I’m into.


    1. Agreed about the knitted star… every time I’ve seen one I’ve thought “That’s going on my list” but having now made two blocks? Maybe not. The upside to the pattern is that it doesn’t take many blocks to make a reasonably large quilt, so there’s that least! (I think you have to make 8 full sized blocks, then you cut 4 in half and put them all on point and it makes a large throw.) So if I ever wanted a throw… I’d have to do 8 more. It’s very time consuming though… lots of cutting, and a long time to put together a block!

      I’m enjoying the Bonnie Hunter mystery, even though it’s very slow going. I think it’s going to come out really nice. I hope!


    1. If anyone I know can make a really stunning Knitted Star quilt, it will be you. You’ve got the fortitude for those projects that wind up feeling tedious to me. I will look forward to seeing it whenever it finally gets up top your to do list 😀 (Even if it’s a few years from now!!)


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