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TTMT #132

8 thoughts on “TTMT #132

  1. Wow! You have been busy this week. I’d cry too if I pulled a quilt out of the washer and found it like buggy ride. Can the buggies be appliqued down with additional fabrics. That’s one bumpy road they’re going down down.
    Stars Stripes and dots is a fun patriotic quilt. The others, I am forgetting their names turned out great. I like the pop of color the blue X gives the quilt with all the X’s. Then practicing free motion feathers and other quilting is fun. I like the bright colors if that one.


  2. You are kicking butt on that UFO challenge. I am so sorry about your buggy catastrophe. I seriously hold my breath every single time I wash a quilt. It’s always a fear. I guess that is one of those fabrics you have to prewash or use as a background under an applique or something. I’m sure it was just devastating, and I’m so glad at the very least you got credit for it in the challenge.

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  3. Omg, your poor buggy quilt! I’m so sorry that happened. Girl, you are breaking my heart. I think putting away for a while is your best bet. I’ve never used homespun in a quilt. Thank you for the warning. 😕

    Your Sign of the Times is amazing! The teal block is fantastic. You are rocking and rolling on your finishes.

    Singularly is so beautiful. It’ll be an amazing finish.


  4. Wow!!!! You are on a roll!
    It’s fun to see my patterns.

    Oh my goodness I have had that happen once to a top that took me years to finish. For my mine it was cheap fabric I bought when I first started quilting because I didn’t know any better. I’m upset for you just watching this. I’m so sorry.

    I adore your singularity quilt. It’s so beautiful!

    Bravo for all your amazing progress this week.

    Happy UFOing!


  5. I really love the Sign of the times quilt , that purple baking is great with it and the flag quilt is really amazing. Cant believe your buggy quilt , I wanted to cry with you , the back was so perfect for the front as well.

    You are really getting things done which is awesome.


  6. Oh, the x quilt, I forgot the name of it, but it looks SO good! The ombre works so well in that pattern and I love the turquoise one at the bottom. Love it.

    Oh the buggy quilt is so upsetting. I’m so sorry that happened to you! I always say when I first wash a quilt that I’m afraid of it falling apart, but I’ve never seen something like that happen.. usually I’d just expect like.. a seam to pop, not every block of something! I’ve used Essex a lot.. I’ve definitely found it more… shreddy just when it’s sitting around, like the weave wants to come undone, but I would never have imagined something like that. What a crazy, disappointing thing.

    You’ve really been on fire, though! Go you! I’m looking forward to the singularity quilt – it’s such a beauty.


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