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TTMT 02 – we will rock you , but carefully cause of lockdown!

15 thoughts on “TTMT 02 – we will rock you , but carefully cause of lockdown!

  1. Educator and school workers are group 1B here in Philly, but it’s maddening how it’s different from state to state. My friends back in California are getting their vaccines in 2 weeks, my sister in Hawaii got hers last week, and still no word for when we get them.
    Maybe something like this for the yarn:
    Also a Disney fan. Spent many teenage hours there. Both my sisters worked at Disneyland as their summer jobs – one on Indiana Jones and the other at the West Side Diner, the secret employees’ 50’s diner located under Pirates. My brother-in-law worked at Capt. Eo which is how they met.


    1. I would love to work for Disney , Maybe in my old age we will move and I will get a job there , you never know.

      So far School staff here have not been mentioned , we are currently focussed on Old Age Homes , and NHS staff. Hoping that Education comes next but you never know with our Government.


  2. I like making amigarumi too. I’m working on a baby Yoda right now.

    That variegated yarn is very pretty. I enjoy buying it, but it can be hard to find a pattern for. I bet it would look good with a ripple pattern.


    1. I made a baby Yoda for my so a few months back it was my second Amigurumi project. I know what you mean , I bought the yarn when I first started but now I am much better at buying stuff when I need it and not just cause its pretty.


  3. Hello! Instead of unstitching the variegated yarn from loss souls, why not switch to a solid yarn for the rest of the shawl? Make it a hide n seek piece. You have been busy crafting and it all looks great. Later.


    1. Maybe, For now I have just out it away and will deal with it later . I don’t have the spare budget to buy new yarn for the pattern right now and have lots of other things I want to make.

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  4. It was a very weird and stressful news week. And we’ll leave it at that.

    You have my complete sympathy for homeschooling. I can’t even imagine.

    Your yarn is lovely. I’m sure just the right pattern will find its ways to you.

    Oh no, Amber is rubbing of on you with the pointy circles! (Your rainbow star.)

    Your working on so many lovely things.

    Freddy looks great. The mustache. Oh my!

    I like seeing how much fun you’re having with your crochet!


    1. I did think of Amber with the circles , I just hope I stick to it and get in finished before I give up because I am fed up with it , its only DK yarn so it might get a little boring before its big enough.

      You have all rubbed off on me because I want to make lots of things to Raffle off in the year to raise funds for Special education Needs Department at Hannah’s school. I might even make some small Fandom quilts or wall hanging’s as well, not quite decided yet. the department is under so much pressure that any little thing helps.

      Thank you I love Freddy’s mustache to.

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  5. Oh believe our jaws were on the floor as well. It’s been a stressful time here.

    Oh wow that’s my dad’s birthday as well.

    The pointy circle is fun and bright!

    The Granny Squares are so pretty.

    Oh Freddie! I love your crochet figures! They are so fun!

    Happy Crafting!


  6. You are really flying with your crochet! you have come so far with that craft it’s fun to see all the things you are working on!

    I was so happy to see you again. Freddy is cute. And your pointy circle is looking so pretty! Be careful. Granny squares are like tribbles.


  7. Granny squares like Tribbles , that is awesome , I love it, I am just hoping that the small finishes off a square keep me more satisfied then a whole blanket.

    I am so happy to be back , I stopped because there was so much going on that it had began to feel like a job(crafting that is and not making videos) and I had lost some of the fun of just making. But crafting is my stress relief and I love showing your guys my things and watching yours , only you guys really get it.


  8. I feel for every parent suddenly stuck doing homeschooling. Parents just don’t always equal teachers… there’s a reason it’s a profession!

    Anyway, the yarn for the lost souls shawl is really beautiful, agreed! I’m sure you’ll find the perfect pattern for it eventually.

    Freddy did turn out well, despite the issues with the pattern. Agreed about the teeth… seems like it would make it a caricature instead of a representation of him.


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