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TTMT #81 Neon Sky – Bonnie Hunters Grassy Creek mystery quilt 2020

EDIT: The HST is what I turned wrong and fixed.

8 thoughts on “TTMT #81 Neon Sky – Bonnie Hunters Grassy Creek mystery quilt 2020

  1. Wow, Your Bonnie Hunter turned out great. Go take the class to rent the long arm machine at your local shop. If you want to drive just a little farther, Accomplish Quilting has a store in Goodlettsville, TN. Their classes are $35.00 and then rental is $15.00/hour. I teach the License 2 Longarm class at their Michigan store.


  2. I love the quilt. It’s so bright and fun! I agree there is so much going on with it that little things are not noticeable at all. It’s really fun!

    Oh I think you’d have fun learning to use a long arm. Give it a whirl!

    Happy Crafting


  3. I love bright fun quilts. I agree on your border choices and think learning to use a long arm is a skill you’ll never regret learning.


  4. I think your Bonnie Hunter quilt s FANTASTIC. I love your fabrics in that. Just gorgeous!

    I think it’s certainly worth giving the long arm training a shot. You might really like it, and the more practice you get, the faster you will get to make the most of your rental time. If I hadn’t already spent some time quilting with a frame previously I probably would have just taken training and rented one of the machines at my Handiquilter dealer. They so something similar there.


  5. I love your quilt, it’s so fun! For some reason it makes me think Halloween. The secondary pattern with the black fabric is just great.

    I think you’d love working on a long arm. I also learned at a quilt store, but full disclosure, I worked there at the time.

    I love my travel care package. It’s in my car, waiting to go go go!

    I’m still waiting on a package that was mailed first week of December. I hope all your packages arrive soon!


  6. I love the purples in your quilt , all the colours really pop.

    If you hadn`t pointed out the issues I would never have seen them , the quilt looks amazing,

    I nearly fell off my chair when you said hand quilting would take 2 weeks , it would take me forever.


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