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  1. Welcome back! Since you last posted, I’ve started posting, beginning the end of June last year. But I’ve been watching TTMT videos for quite a while. Your dolls that you are crocheting are cute. I am looking forward to hearing from you again.


  2. Thank you , and I am sure I will get a chance to know you soon though your videos. Its nice to be back , I just have to stick to it now.


  3. Vicky! I have missed you, my dear friend. I think it’s been your last trip to the US since you posted.

    Thank you for introducing yourself for our new friends. 😊

    Oh, I do not like when people say you can’t do something. To me that was the crochet teacher saying she could not teach you, not that you couldn’t learn. I used to have students in my beginning paper piecing classes that had been told similar and UGH. So obviously not true! I love your amigurumi. How wonderful!

    It’s okay to not love quilting all the time. Not feeling at one with your machine definitely makes a difference.

    I also adore Queen. They fall under my “I need to have a better day” music.

    So glad you are back!


    1. I have missed you all to, I had forgotten how much fun it was to watch you all on a Tuesday .

      In the teachers defence I did look like a deranged octopus , but I now have my own style and do things my way , which I am sure the crochet police would say is wrong , but I really don`t care.

      I am so disappointed in the jamone Memory craft , I just don’t love it . I would like to sell it and get a separate embroidery machine and smaller machine but trying to sell it with the covid situation is impossible so It will have to wait.

      I love putting some queen on and just shouting the lyrics, although the kids complain when I do that . I have often said to Hannah that I love to sing and she shouldn’t ask me to stop when I love it so much.



  4. In the words of Suzy…Welcome Home!
    So glad to see you. I use to love crochet when my hands would let me. I did teach myself. I got lots of help with YouTube. I was crocheting before I started teaching myself to sew. Love your dolls. Amazing!!!!


    1. Thank you , there really is no place like home. I must admit that sometimes when I do a doll my hand get a little sore but they seem fine at the moment.

      YouTube is how I taught myself , it just clicked this time round. xx


  5. Its great to see you again. I think the last video I seen was when you were at Disney.
    I love that you are crocheting. I have tried several times and just couldn’t get it right. It looks like you are a natural.
    I understand how a fandom becomes part of your life. Once I decide I love it..Im all in.


    1. I love that , once you decide you love it your all in. I have cupboards filled with Buffy the vampire slayer stuff from years ago , before kids and husband. I don’t know what to do with it , I cant part with it .

      Ahh Disney seems so long ago , I was so looking forward to going last year but alas it was not to be. We are currently saving to do an epic trip in a couple of years when hopefully things get back to normal , or whatever the new normal is. xx


  6. Hello!
    So good to see you back!
    We miss you too!
    You’ve been taking care of your girl. Which is obviously a lot to work through. I am glad you’ve gotten through the process to get what you need for her.
    Oh it’s so hard on both the kids and parents doing school at home. Hang in there. I would have really struggled when my kids were younger if I had the lock downs to deal with. You can only do so much. They have a good momma.

    I have really enjoyed watching your crotchet projects that you’ve shared on Facebook.
    They are so amazing and adorable!
    They are just so fun.
    Oh my Rainbow Bright!

    We had a Disney and Universal trip planned for May of 2020. Obviously we had to cancel as well. It was such a bummer. We had been so looking forward to it. My kids are constantly asking when we might reschedule it. 🙁

    It doesn’t matter what crafts you make. We love seeing them.

    I love your introduction. I learned a few new things about you.

    So good to see you!

    Happy Crafting


  7. Hi, its good to be back to.

    things are getting there with the support that Hannah needs , we are waiting to see if she will get an Educational Health Care Plan which will give the school additional funding for her support. Once we have that things should get easier as the school will get more support. Although with the new lockdown that could stop things for a bit.

    It really is a learning process and there are days when it seems like an uphill battle just to get though the day. But we are doing the best for a our little one .

    It sucks that your trip was cancelled to. MY two keep asking when we are going again but I really don’t know the answer , its looking like maybe not this year. Maybe we could do Paris at the end of the year (although England is currently on everyone’s banned travel list).

    I forgot how much I enjoy watching you all . xx


  8. Welcome back! It is so lovely to see and hear you again. I have really enjoyed seeing your amigurumi on FB, and I am hoping to get a cricut maker soon (I have gift cards for Michaels but they have been out of stock for AGES), so I may have to pick your brain on using different materials. I was hoping to use it to put titles on my next PoD, either with vinyl or for stenciling with fabric paint. Also for doing quilt labels, tees, and who knows what else!

    I do not envy all you parents dealing with home schooling during the lockdowns. The schools here in Albuquerque have been closed since March of 2020, though some other counties in the state have gone to a hybrid… part at-home, part in-school model. My daughter does not like taking her college classes online, but at least she does that all on her own and I don’t have to help her or her teacher while also working from home. It’s just got to be so hard on you all.

    Having a machine that is the right match for you and what you like to do makes quilting so much better. Maybe at some point you can get a nice simple sturdy mechanical machine that is great for paper-piecing and save the fancy one just for embroidery. Keep an eye out when your Oxfam store opens again and who knows, you might find a great old metal vintage machine that sews through paper like a real champ. 🙂


  9. Thank you , i do love making the amigurumi they are so much fun. The Cricut is amazing , I love making hoodies and t shirts that no one else has , I have a cool Sanderson Bed and Breakfast T shirt ( children stay free), i love wearing it and when someone know what it relates to they always comment. the titles should be easy although there are loads of fonts but HTV vinyl would be best. To make the templates you can use a repositionable vinyl . I would avoid the cricut branded stuff as it is so expensive , amazon has some great deals and the independent sellers are great to. Etsy is an amazing place to get SVG files all ready to cut.

    College online is such a shame , they are really missing out of the experience , I know its out of necessity but its still so hard. Teaching my two today was no fun , we all had tears and some stresses. Hannah is practically hard to teach and it really highlights to me just how much her Autism gets in the way of her enjoyment of learning, which makes me really sad.

    I will definably be on the look out for an more substantial machine when the shops open up again.

    I am so glad to be back xx


  10. Welcome back Vicky! It’s very nice to see you here again!

    Rainbow Brite and Wonder Woman look so good! You’re really doing well with the crochet thing!

    I can feel you on the losing your love for quilting, I mean, I haven’t, but sometimes you just stop being that into one thing and want to go head first into something else. And maybe you’ll come back to it, and maybe you won’t, but there’s nothing wrong with moving on while it isn’t working for you.


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