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TTMT #120 – A trapezoid washcloth? Not good.

12 thoughts on “TTMT #120 – A trapezoid washcloth? Not good.

  1. I love you analogy about the difference between Hallmark movies and Republic of Doyle. i find that if I am watching Poirot or Midsomer Murders I can normally crochet fine (mostly because I have seen them all so many times), but If I need to focus I cant watch anything suspense. I wont tell anyone about your wonky face cloth.

    Your my kind of guest if you bring dessert and a side dish. what a great care package and so nice to receive after all the stress of the postal service.


    1. I’m like that with Murder She Wrote, too. I can take a little catnap and not have to rewind because I know them all. Hallmark is just all the same story in different settings with different faces. I love that about them. I also love Poirot (and anything Sherlock) and Midsomer Murders. In fact, I’m listening to a Poirot audiobook while I quilt right now. Thanks for keeping my secret. I looked down, and was like, “What the heck?” I decided it would do the job and just gave up on it.

      Yes, what a wonderful surprise that was from Jeanie. My brother had been hinting about bread pudding and whining about not having ambrosia for Christmas…and I had some time. So.

      Have a wonderful week.


  2. Hey, that trapezoid is totally just face shaped!

    USPS has been such a hot mess lately. I still have a Christmas gift “in transit.” What a crazy ride you had! I’m so glad you received all of your packages and your letter.

    I also received a package from our Jeanie. She’s really just the best!


    1. That’s one of the reasons I love you. I no longer have a trapezoid washcloth…I have a face-shaped one! Thanks.
      USPS is the worst, but that doesn’t make most of the others much better. It’s so difficult getting anything anywhere these days. I noticed that FedEx and UPS are giving “arrival dates” one or two days after they expect it so you are pleasantly surprised instead of complaining. I don’t like that, either. I’m really hard to please when companies just don’t do what they say they will. Some of it may be that I deal with so many wonderful companies that I expect them to do what they agree to do.
      Can’t say enough great things about our Jeanie.

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  3. The face cloths are nice. I never thought about having a crochet wash cloths until I joined here and several of yall make them. Everytime I think its soo cool.
    I’m so glad you got (and like) the package. I had fun making them. I love mini things.


    1. I love mini things, too. They’re just as good as the regular size, but cuter!
      A crochet washcloth or dishcloth made out of cotton has enough “scrub” to it that they work just great.


    1. I love mini things.
      I made enough to last a while years ago. They must still be at the farm in Minnesota. Like I said, I don’t like disposable things, and I guess I hadn’t thought of these because I solved the problem years ago. When I realized I was using disposables without even thinking about it, I had to make some. One to use and one for the laundry should keep me good for a while.
      Stay safe!


  4. Wow the hurricanes must of really messed up the post office down there. Did I miss it or did you get your contacts? The wash clothes will work in whatever shape you make them, creative license. Jeanie did provide a great surprise travel bag. That is great and so thoughtful. TTMT friends are great.

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  5. Lol this is why I love a good podcast or audiobook instead of TV. I can’t watch and work with a whole lot.

    The shipping has been a nightmare this year. What a complete pain in the butt. They don’t respond to a thing.

    It’s like a travel pack of hope! I can’t wait to go on a trip with it.

    Happy Crafting & have a good week

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  6. The washcloth is not a mistake, it’s a design choice. Let’s call it a “tumbler” shape washcloth!

    I feel you on the USPS drama. It’s just so frustrating. grrr.

    Jeanie’s pkg was such a nice surprise, and it will come in handy when we can travel again.

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  7. That’s so funny to me that you’re watching Republic of Doyle… so rare I hear of Americans watching Canadian tv shows 😀 Also funny that you got such a fun shaped face cloth because of it… haha. It will work great whether it’s square or not!

    What a saga the mail delivery turned out to be! I’m so glad all your things arrived finally! (But it sounds a bit like that delivery person needs to shape up a bit!)

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