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TTMT#197-Sewing along…

10 thoughts on “TTMT#197-Sewing along…

  1. MASCOT… I believe is the word you are looking for, lol. Wow you have been seriously productive! I really love the star quilt behind you. What a fantastic use for the squares and the borders are wonderful, just perfect for the scrappy center block.

    I’m with you, no more mask making for a while.


  2. I’ve done a few pillowcases the same way and it’s so much easier than the flange! Great pillowcases.

    Your Christmas quilt is so good. I love what you did with your scraps! The green border is fantastic.

    Fun dies!

    Abbie is into plaid… I wonder why? *coughoutlandercough* 😉


  3. I love the office fabric. So adorable
    I like the strip better. The flange ends up wrinkled after washing.

    Mascot! 🐃 lol

    Oh nice Christmas quilt. I am starting to love holiday or seasonal quilts a lot more. Probably because I need an excuse to make and keep more of them 😂

    Oh love the camper! I have been eyeing the AccuQuilt. Hopefully a 2021 item.

    Happy Crafting


  4. Ooh more great use of mask scraps! Love it.

    The pillowcases look great and the Office fabric is surprisingly cute.

    The camper die and the gnome die are both so cute! Ugh–you’re making me want to spend money, lol.


  5. Busy, Busy Busy! Wow you have accomplished a lot. Love all your projects. But those future ones with the campers and the gnomes will be terrific. I like starting Christmas projects about now.


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