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TTMT #382 – jewells68 – December 15, 2020 – Baby Needs Back(s)


In which you see 2 more quilts quilted over the past week on my Moxie that are now ready to bind, label, and donate to Project Linus. Time to get busy piecing some backs so I can get back to polishing off the last 4 tops that are waiting to be quilted. Woo!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #382 – jewells68 – December 15, 2020 – Baby Needs Back(s)

  1. I’m so excited to see you quilting again! I had a similar thing happen when I got my mid-arm. Once you get those backs sorted, you’ll be rocking and rolling even more. Double YAY for hitting 12 quilts this year. Woo!


    1. I was like I could have sworn I had backs ready to go! They were there but not “ready to go” lol.And I hadn’t even pulled a back for the logey bear quilt yet. Will prob do that in the morning after coffee if not tonight. Need to pick some binding for the three that need bound. Might just start on that as well so I can get them labellled and washed by Monday at the latest.

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    1. If work is not as crazy today I hope to get some backs pieced today. After two quilts in a row of the large scale meander I was ready to try something different on the space quilt, I think it worked out really well! I will probably do a variation of the loopy meander on my butterfly applique quilt. I really like how it looks.


  2. Yay for quilting!
    Your quilting looked great.

    You’ll figure out what your Moxie prefers as you try different stuff.

    New problems to have… not enough backs, bindings, labels 🤣
    Good problems to have!

    Happy Crafting


  3. Ugh–I hate when I do that–I get back to a project and realize that somehow I apparently thought it was a different size than it is? What were our earlier selves thinking?

    Sorry to hear about quilting issues but glad it was a findable/fixable problem!

    Nice job–both of the finished quilts are awesome.


  4. Way to go on reaching your donation goal. I have pieced a bunch of backs. Anymore, if I can find a wide back then that is what I’ll do. But then I end up with wide backs that aren’t quite big enough for another small project, so then I end up cutting the wide back in half and piecing it back together to use it up. I have one wide back right now that is about 6-8 to small, but I think it would be great with the quilt.
    Have fun with Moxie.


    1. I need to bind those ones I quilted last week and get them labeled and washed over the next few days. I’ve got 2 backs pieced and the largest one loaded on the frame to tackle first this weekend. I love that I’m clearing out this backlog of tops so I’ll be ready to start piecing quilts again!

      I have bought wide backing for several quilts that were for me or for gifts and I like using it, but I have so much donated fabric for Linus that I need to use it up.

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