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TTMT 12/8/20: Sacks and Mats

Right after this video was made, I finished sewing the Santa sack. As soon as I get the grommets I can finish it up.

7 thoughts on “TTMT 12/8/20: Sacks and Mats

  1. Isn’t it exciting to finish something? I had three quilt finishes this past week… SO tickled to have them done 😀

    The double-sided placemats/napkins are a great idea! Love the colour combo too.

    The bag is cute.. I think the santa on the plain side would be really fun. Too bad about getting the cuff on the wrong side, but I bet nobody would notice if you didn’t point it out 😀 (At least if it’s full of presents haha!) Grommets seem like a really good way to finish the bag, definitely easier than working out casing! (But I hate running ties through casing…)


    1. I’m not a real fan of casing either – especially trying to thread ties through something this big.
      I got a new cuff on the bag last night and went to Joann’s today to get the grommets. So I’m ready to put them on tomorrow! Yay!!!

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  2. Yay for all those finishes! Those placemats and napkins are going to make for a really classy table.

    The santa bag is looking so awesome. How much fun that is! I think the cuff on the wrong side/upside-down fabric just means that Santa is meant to take that big bag full of presents and up-end it and dump them all out with an exciting flourish! Good luck with the grommets–definitely a good closure idea.

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  3. Oh I like the double sided placemats & napkins. I love the teal.

    Oh Nana will fix the sack. I’m sure it will adorable when your done.

    I’m sure the little man will love the Santa sack. He is growing up so fast.

    Happy Crafting

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  4. Love the santa sack! Honestly, having done a lot of grommets over the years for Phebe’s costumes when she was younger, I find casings way easier. They are just fold over fabric and stitch, and run the drawstring through attached to a giant safety pin or diaper pin.. With grommets you really need to make sure you use interfacing, otherwise the grommet can tear the fabric and fall out. And grommet tools are super handy and come in different sizes. I think it will be adorable either way you go!


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