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194: Three Finishes

I am very sorry for the lack of editing. I’ve been using Movie Maker for years, even though it’s no longer a supported program and I just had an update on my computer and when I tried to use MM it wouldn’t do ANYTHING. You could load the raw file in but as soon as you tried to edit it would give an error and if you tried to track down solutions it just sent you to a page saying that the program is no longer available for download and to use Windows Photos instead. Which program barely lets you edit… you can trim off from the beginning or end, but I can’t figure out anyway to take out useless chunks from the middle. I don’t want to have to learn “real” video editing software. I just want to cut out the ums and the shakey bits and I hope this short video doesn’t make you seasick.

Ugh. Anyway. Take care everyone! We’ve just gone back into deeper lockdown (various things are open, but many things are not. I’m not able to work from home, but if staff are able they’re required to do so and you’re not allowed to meet with anyone at all, unless you are a person who lives alone), which is a good thing as the old corona virus is running rampant through our province. (I mean… in the entire country, I think we have the third largest population, but our actual numbers per day are the highest. We’ve got the same/slightly higher numbers as Ontario and they’ve got triple our population. So. Our jackass premier has literally passed laws making it illegal to protest for virtually anything, including by taking strike action, without getting permission from the government, but he’s still letting other no-mask jackasses protest without ticketing or jailing them, so you can take a good guess what kind of fool is in charge right now. ANYWAY.)

17 thoughts on “194: Three Finishes

  1. All three quilts are awesome! The dinosaur fabric is so fun. And the summer sampler–your color choices are fabulous. And I adore the stripey binding!! You’re right–the snow is a great background.

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  2. Lol ok I need to go take a video of a big higher near me. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I would be a yelling for you to what me.

    Oh I like the quilts for the boys. Cute quilting on them.

    I love your summer sampler. The colors are gorgeous together. I love the greens. The background doesnโ€™t look yellowish in the video. It looks off white. Either way I really like this one.

    Happy Crafting and stay warm!

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    1. What I remember about Houston, specifically, was freeways stacked up with cars and cars and cars and cars. (And trucks.) I’ve got no other memories of the place ๐Ÿ˜€ As soon as I’d said that about the highway, in my head I was like.. no it isn’t. It isn’t a highway, but it’s a ring road around that city that connects to all the highways that come into Calgary (one that generally lets larger trucks and people who like to speed get around the city faster rather than stopping a lot if you go through it). And it was shockingly quiet that day! I walk down there a lot and normally just pause my podcasts because usually I can’t hear clearly even with headphones! I must have picked a good time to be standing there recording haha because it really wasn’t noticeable in the video at all.

      It’s definitely an off-white background, but much creamier/butterier than I normally go for. I’m surprised I like it so much because I often find the creamier whites kind of… dingy looking.

      We’re having kind of shockingly warm weather for December. I know you’ve lived in warmer climes for a while, but being from the mid-west you know what a December can be and we’ve had the kind of warm weather than makes even the biggest climate change deniers talk about global warming. Honestly it’s been really nice because you still can go outside despite covid and be legitimately comfortable. (I have not taken out my winter coat, yet. Still wearing the spring/summer one, just with a sweater on underneath.)


      1. Crazy Highways here. But anyway road with the big trucks whizzing by is load.

        Oh I know what you mean. The off white or creams needs to be just right or it looks dirty. This one looks great.

        Oh I definitely know not needing a winter coat yet in December is not the norm. Iโ€™m sure itโ€™s more appreciated this year because of Covid. I think getting outside is good for the soul right now. I mean I always think it is but especially right now.

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  3. What a beautiful location, seriously, bonus points for that!

    I love the coordination of the two quilts for the siblings. That’s a great way to go! Your summer sampler looks fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed watching your blocks turn into a lovely quilt.

    I wish I could give you some windows mm advice, but I stopped using it a while ago because I really wanted to do picture in picture. Priorities, right?!


    1. Thank you! I wanted the quilts to be different enough they could each have something distinctly their own, but it wasn’t a very big fabric line so I couldn’t divide it up by two different groupings of fabric (I mean, I could have, but they wouldn’t have had a lot of variation). Hopefully they’ll love them anyway!

      As far as movie editing, I basically just want the path of least resistance, but also the ability trim out any random bit I want to trim. MM worked really well for those few easy things I tended to do!

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  4. I am still using WMM, the old version. There was a new free version available when I got my current desktop but I hated it. So I trolled the web looking for the old version and found it. I will keep an eye out for that update because I would hate to go to edit and find it not working, how annoying!

    I saw these on IG and was like, WOW! They are simply stunning against the snowy backdrop, well done! And well done getting them finished! I echo the sentiment on the dino quilts. THe same b ut different is fantastic with sibs. And I love your summer sampler quilt, too!


    1. I don’t actually know if it was the update that caused it to stop, but MM worked a week before I updated and then didn’t afterward, so it feels connected! I’m a bit hoping that it’ll by some miracle just work next time I try to use it (Because I will keep trying!!).

      Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with myself for having three finishes at the end, since there were a lot of slow-moving/still-standing months in the middle of the year.


  5. Dropping in to say I love these quilts, so colorful and fun. But snow….ack! White Death. ๐Ÿ™‚ Gives me the urge to go buy milk and bread (local hoarding joke, I guess). Lovely background for the quilts, though.

    I’ve put off trying to do a video because I don’t know if I remember how to edit them and I’ve heard WMM is no longer usable anyway. Too much to deal with lately to try to learn something new, as well. Your video looks fine, however.


    1. Yay it’s so nice to see you! I don’t love snow, but fortunately this was a pretty minor bit of snow… it hasn’t all gone away, but there’s very little of it on the ground! When we get proper snow basically everybody goes shopping in the hours before and at the beginning of it.. every time, as though people think we’ll be trapped in our houses for weeks instead of maybe just a couple hours. It’s kind of funny ๐Ÿ˜€

      Come do a video anyway! We’d all love to see you even if it’s badly edited or not edited at all!!


    1. Thank you! The fabric line didn’t have enough variation to split the fabrics over two quilts, so I decided to get the variation from patterns and backing and binding and quilting patterns… I’m hoping they’re distinct enough they can each have one that’s their own but they’ll still match in their bedroom.


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