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Jen’s secret get well brigade package

9 thoughts on “Jen’s secret get well brigade package

  1. This was such a great package you put together for Jennifer – you’re always so thoughtful in the things you send out!

    I had to laugh about the hand sanitizer – if you’re ever out at various stores and they’ve got it at the door you never know if it’s going to be something nice to use or if it’ll be sticky or stinky or stinging or some other horror-show. I really like the one we use at work (which is made by a local brewery), but we use an ammonia based cleaner for surface cleaning and I think I’m immune to the smell of it now. I actually kind of like the stuff, though that’s largely because it’s got such strong viral/bacteria cleaning power that I at least feel mostly safe despite sharing my work area with a dozen people.


  2. I love that you recorded this. ♥

    The quilt brought me so much joy and I’m sure will continue to do so every October. I adore the spiderwebs. You did a wonderful job!

    I love all the goodies you included. It was all so thoughtful and very much appreciated.

    The hand sanitizing wipes were so helpful, btw. They did not stink, but they were SUPER useful when I was stuck in bed and needed to wipe off my hands between snacks and crochet! You did a great job on the scents. I’m very sensitive to scents and yours were all good! Also, my hands are so clean! 😉


  3. Oh the quilt is so fun.
    So much fun in a box.

    Oh the sanitizers so smell bad. Thankful my daughters allergy to them pushes us to buy a more expensive one that smells amazing.

    Yummy goodies, coffee, cat toys! I’m mean can a girl need anything else?

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      1. We end up only using one brand. My daughter has pretty several reactions to 99 percent of them. I react poorly to most things with added fragrance.
        So between the two of us we are lucky to have found one we can us.


        1. Ya I’m that way with soap. I’m now struggling with adult acme due to the mask. I have to wear mine for about 8 or 12 hours. I went to the disposable ones because I just can’t rewear them. That is also why I can’t get all pretty up in my videos anymore. Y’all just get the real me. My broken out face and my handbags under my eyes.


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