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TTMT #115 – They sent me home from work and here’s what happened!

15 thoughts on “TTMT #115 – They sent me home from work and here’s what happened!

  1. How frustrating. I’ll think some good thoughts for you that come way may with the test, you get well quickly, whether it’s covid or just a cold.

    The quilt top turned out really great! You channeled all that upset into something pretty cool.


    1. Thanks. I had to do something! I ended up with a lot of scraps from my mere 3 yards of fabric, so I found another panel and made another one (baby). And I have MORE scraps, so who knows. I’m obviously trying to distract myself, and unfortunately, looking at all the UFOs in this house and thinking terrible things.

      I appreciate your support.


        1. Thanks. I’m trying. I just found out my 2nd daughter has COVID and is struggling with it…and she got it from my 1st daughter who was sick as a dog for 36 hours and is better now. I haven’t been within 1,000 miles of either of them. My older daughter went to a small social “gathering” and they all left with it–and she KNOWS better! Now I’m angry about that, too. Might as well get it all out…I haven’t really been angry in years.


    1. I made another one the next day from the scraps. I wonder what I do when I’m looking for distraction?
      Thanks for the good wishes. Waiting to see when I need to be tested.

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    1. Thanks. Yes, my symptoms started Sunday night. I stayed home Monday. I REALLY didn’t want to go to work on Tuesday, because I have not felt safe there since the pandemic started…too many careless people who can’t follow simple rules. But I went…and got sent home.
      I’ll keep you updated. Right now, I’m just angry.


  2. You have every right to be angry, it’s totally understandable. I hope your symptoms don’t get worse. I like that your dr listened to you and is going to get you some guidance regarding the test. My husband got horrible guidance and probably should have waited a week to get tested when he got exposed at work. So far he seems ok, but that doesn’t mean he’s not spreading it around. At least he reliably wears his masks and NOW the others at work are doing it too.

    You made something truly beautiful. I am impressed with your creativity while not feeling well.


    1. Thanks. I have a great relationship with my doctor. A few months ago, I had a lot of questions about COVIN and COVID vaccines pneumonia vaccines and he talked to me for an hour and a half. Told me he likes having me as a patient. I messaged him and told him that I feared testing too early and getting a false negative. I trust him. I told him I heard that you should not test until 7 days after exposure. He asked when my symptoms started, and then decided which test I needed based on the timing of my exposure and my symptoms, decided when I should get tested (5 days after symptoms begin), and scheduled the drive-thru test for me. Several of us are scared to death to go to work at my office because of how reckless some people act. I hope your hubby will be okay.

      My “creativity” has always been a release for me. Before I had the time/money to quilt like I wanted, I used to play music and write poetry. Quilting works better for me. Today, I am working on the THIRD quilt from those 3 (1-yard each) pieces of fabric. I still had leftovers and found yet another panel that will match. I’m having to add some other fabric, but hopefully I won’t find a need to use all of that us. If you give a mouse a cookie…. Hopefully this will help with the anger without becoming overly obsessive. They are coming out cute, though. I’m hoping I can sell them and make more than the time/money I lost when they sent me home without pay. At least now, because I have a test schedules, federal money kicked in and I’m being paid (up to 40 hours). I’m also trying to help my boss with some things when I’m up to it. If I can sell them and make more than I would have working, the poetic justice (and the money) would make me feel vindicated.

      Then I found out today that my two daughter have/had it. One had terrible I-wanna-die-from-the-flu-symptoms for 36 hours and gave it to the other one. The second one is having a worse time of it. She will get an edible arrangement from me tomorrow. I also get stressed when my kids are in trouble and I can’t see them. They are in Las Vegas and I know our virtual hugs are not spreading anything bad. But one is in med school (the one who went to a small gathering of friends who all later tested positive), and the other is in law school. They don’t need to be sick right now. Not that anybody does. The older one is concerned about me and told me her breaking point for me to go to the hospital. We’ll see. That’s definitely something I don’t want to do. But I am short of breath, and she says an inhaler is temporary symptomatic relief and won’t heal anything. I told her I’d keep an eye on it. And as you see, my doctor is there for me. And my brother is making chili tonight and bringing it to me with bread and cheese so I can make grilled cheese. We’ve eaten together every night since the very first and I won’t let him see me.

      It is so rare for me to feel this pitiful.


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