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TTMT 193: Finished(ish) Quilt

(Ugh. Drunk recording? Meant to say I’m using my phone because my camera battery is dead…)

15 thoughts on “TTMT 193: Finished(ish) Quilt

  1. With the color squares I saw a quilt on IG called inventory quilt. It’s all your scrap pieces that she made into hexagons. Do remember the lady Jessica zigzag stocking them together and not hand sewing them.

    I love that quilt. And your quilting is beautiful! 😍
    Love your ornaments!

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m kind of iffy on hexagons (they just seem like so much work!) but I’m happy to take any suggestions that might leave me in the direction of something to do with these things haha!

      The ornaments are pretty cool aren’t they? They’re definitely going to stay up year round, forget just being Christmas ornaments.


  2. There is something really satisfying about just precutting all that fabric, isn’t there? Whenever I want to do SOMETHING but don’t have the brain to invest in working on a WIP or starting something new, I get out my Go! and cut scraps into triangles or squares or strips. It just feels good. I think it releases endorphins, lol.

    Your quilt looks so beautiful, you always do such lovely FMQ.

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    1. I think I’m basically just destroying the mat the goes over all the fabric though… I cut SO many of them and there’s just only so far you can offset that thing so that it doesn’t keep cutting in the same spot. I really should have shaken it up a bit and done more than one size. Or I should have left more of them in strips… I could have done something interesting with strips too, I think. It is satisfying to see it all in manageably stacked piles though! (Annoying though how much small scrap is still left! All these weird strings are squares slightly smaller than 2.5 but too big to feel okay with throwing away.)


  3. Woo hoo for a beautifully quilted project! I personally love a lot of quilting on my projects which may be why I love your quilts so much!

    I’m also a fan of just going for it on the Accuquilt. It’s immensely satisfying and you can really blow through the scraps.

    I love the skateboard ornaments. How cool!

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    1. Thank you! I like the look of a lot of quilting too, which is a good thing, but if they’re smaller they don’t get a nice drape when they’re so heavily quilted. I mean, it depends on the batting too… wool still drapes nicely even with dense quilting, but I don’t exactly use a ton of wool batting! Anyway, I enjoy doing it so I’ll continue overquilting my quilts anyway 😀

      We have some bowls and a piece of artwork from the same re-purposed skateboard company… they do really cool stuff.

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  4. Beautiful quilt. I really love the colors you used.

    I have Accuquilt envy. I could definitely get some hefty green and blue stacks.

    I love the ornaments. I follow them IG. They make such beautiful things.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. Thank you! I love the colours in that one too. I kind of wish I’d made it bigger so I could keep it, but I don’t really need more quilts, so… just as well I didn’t, haha.

      I wibbled about buying the Accuquilt cutter.. they’re pricey and I’m afraid I won’t use it enough to make it worth the expense, but I’ve cut a couple quilts on it (when the sizing has worked out with the cutters I have) and it sure does speed that part of the process up! I’ve kind of decided I don’t want to go too crazy with buying the various dies for it, if I have a few of the basics, that will need to be enough.

      We have some wall art and bowls from AdrianMartinus (and my sister has several pairs of their earrings)… we keep getting the small things even though the real dream would be a coffee table or just one of their larger pieces.


    1. I often crap out at the last hurdles of almost every project… hopefully I will get that one bound before the end of the year. (I’ve got 3 other quilts I Need to bind first though!)

      We had Thanksgiving in October (different timing in Canada!) but thank you anyway! I hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving!


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