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TTMT 192: That Thing We Do

10 thoughts on “TTMT 192: That Thing We Do

  1. My husband and daughter still don’t have their xmas masks so I need to get my room put back together this week so I can tackle those. Love how you showed them off, that was fun!

    I really love your non-kit version of that quilt. I’m just not a fan of “solids only” quilts, not sure why, I live solids and prints/tonals used together, but I think you are right, it’s the lack of contrast that is probably bothering you.

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    1. I’m debating if I want to do any Christmas masks. I can’t really work out why, but somehow I’m more okay with a halloween mask that I’ll only wear once (it’s bright lime green with eyeballs, the other halloweeny ones had bats on them, but I’m happy to wear those any time) than with a Christmas one. I do work in retail though so maybe a Christmas one would feel a little festive. I dunno.

      I like all solids and all prints and solids/prints quilts… so basically everything, haha, but the colours just aren’t quite right with that kit. Mostly I think it’s because they couldn’t get the “right” colours (because Covid has ruined everything) and so the fabrics that should have made ombres just don’t or sometimes they’re just slightly off what they should have been. (Like if they’d switched all the oranges to be more coral, instead of just two of them, then the progressions would work better. But then they’d have probably had to adjust the purples to be more pink-purples and probably they couldn’t get all the fabrics for that either.) Ugh. Anyway, there’s no point in worrying about it now. I just need to finish the last 4 or 5 blocks and move on haha 😀


  2. Haha all those mask!

    I really love the summer sampler. Oooohh Your version is gorgeous! I love your palette on it. Oh color catch the crap out of it!

    Yes it is a peachy orange. I don’t dislike it or like. But I hate when o really dislike a color like that.

    Oh I go with it when I feel motivated!

    Oh show us the mask if they are super cute!

    Happy Crafting


    1. Soooooo many masks. It was finally time to work at it for real, I guess, haha. I use 2 a day at work, which is why I made myself so many of them. I’m still working on some for family and a couple friends and then hopefully that will be enough to get through this thing.

      I think I would like that orange better if it were used elsewhere but it’s just slightly off from what I want it to be for the kit. It’s okay, though… a lot of things look better in a finished quilt top than they do just in a one-off form, so I’m hoping that’s what will happen as I finish the quilt top.


      1. Oh for sure once together it maybe more appealing to you. I think it looks fine. But I understand how you feel about it. Your gorgeous are amazing!

        Oh I should do more mask. I have a bunch of half done ones staring me down as I ignore them 🤣

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