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TTMT #6 – Hi!

Hoping to really get in the swing of things without major disruption this time. Cheers, everyone.

16 thoughts on “TTMT #6 – Hi!

  1. Welcome back, it’s great to see you again!

    Your hair looks fabulous. I love the color.

    The Supernatural mini looks so good! Your fabrics are perfect. I watched six or seven seasons and burned out a bit. We’ll go back to it someday!

    I’ve alway loved the Bigfoot pattern. It’s so charming!

    All your text showed up right way around, so yay! Love, love the t-shirts. I especially love the Pride & Prejudice shirt and your plan for a tote, too.

    Again, it’s good to hear from you. I’m so glad you and your husband and kitties are safe and well.

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    1. Hi, Jennifer. Thanks! I don’t know why when I record on my iPad the screen looks in reverse to me, but glad it wasn’t for you guys–I didn’t even check before posting, just wanted to make sure I didn’t delay and then not get it done–that is what I am most famous for. 🙂

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  2. Hi
    Good to see you back! I love your hair.

    I have never watched Supernatural but I know it has a dedicated fan base. The mini quilt looks fabulous. I love a good fandom quilt.

    I have sent the Elizabeth Hartman quilt before. It’s really cute. I think Rainey used the Bigfoot in one of Jennifer’s Sewhooked patterns as an add on. It’s definitely a fun top.

    Oh I love those shirts! They are great quotes to pick. I’m familiar with both of them. Nice!
    You are a head of me. I haven’t even thought of holidays yet. I should get busy.

    Good to hear everyone is employed and healthy.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. Thanks, Jennifer! Bigfoot is so popular–I thought about doing a more freeform sort of art applique thing, but ended up wanting to be sure it would just turn out without having to think too much, so went with the pattern and I’m not sorry about it since it definitely turned out cute–it’s just a little bigger than I might have preferred. I follow Supernatural but am not a big enough fan to really want anything for myself, but thankfully Fandom in Stitches is there for me with patterns for the stuff I love AND for the stuff my other people love. 🙂

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  3. Love the supernatural mini quilt. I am almost caught up on the series. The big foot is so cool. Love it!!
    The tshirts are wonderful. I agree with the tshirts. I prefer men’s tshirts because I think the woman’s have slowly gotten thinner.
    I’m sorry about the hardships. I think in general we will look at the world just a bit different when things settle.
    It was so great to see you!

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    1. Thanks, Jeanie! I think you are right–it will be interesting to see how we all come out of this on the other side–I think it will help keep focus on what’s most important in life for quite a while.


  4. Nice to see you again!

    The minis look really great.. that Supernatural one, damn, that looks so intricate. I gave up on Supernatural a few seasons in (I have a possibly irrational hatred of tv shows that involve angels and demons, so I liked it best when it was sort of… monster-of-the-week, but dipped out as soon as more than just Castiel was involved from the angel side of the equation), but still kind of have warm feelings about it.

    Agreed on the fandom t-shirts front. I used to order from a few different sites, but generally would have to get men’s sizes, which always make me feel a bit choked, even when they fit every where else. Is it so much to ask for a vee or scoop neck t-shirt in women’s sizes larger than 1x? ANYWAY. Your t-shirts look really great.. they turned out quite well. I love the idea of the P&P one as a tote bag too.

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    1. Thank you! Ugh–I agree–I hate the standard man’s crew neck! Stop with that, already, please, t-shirt makers!

      I can completely get what you mean about Supernatural. I have stuck with it mostly, but always a year or two after the seasons are done. I have been “okay” with the overarching season-long mythology arcs, but strongly prefer the weeks where it’s mostly just about a random monster of the week. I feel like the show is best when it’s being partly playful. But my sister-in-law is a superfan so I think she will really like the miniquilt.

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  5. Hello, Glad to meet you via TTMT. I have been watching TTMT videos for a while. Then this summer I started posting.

    I like the wall hangings you have made. A friend a mine is just finishing up the bigfoot quilt for her camper.

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  6. Good to see you again! I love the two miniquilts! I have never ordered from Spoonflower for the same reason. Also I’ve heard mixed opinions of the fabric quality for bed quilts, but I would say for a mini quilt that’s not going to be washed that was the perfect choice of fabric!

    I love the t-shirts you are decorating, that’s a fun idea! I have been working from home as well. It’s nice to have my fleece lined crocs on since it’s chilly in here, lol.

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    1. So I will say, I didn’t love the hand-feel of the cotton fabric from Spoonflower. It’s very heavy–almost feels like a duck to me. It feels like good quality, it just doesn’t feel soft and cuddly, even after I washed it. So yeah, I will definitely continue to be cautious about what I buy it for (which I already would be anyway due to the cost).

      Fleece-lined crocs–love it! Now that it’s gotten cold, I’ve moved into fuzzy mode–I am always in fuzzy socks and fuzzy pants unless forced to go out in public, and sometimes have a nice fuzzy hoody jacket on top of everything plus a fuzzy throw blanket for cuddling on the couch. Yeah–I don’t like the cold.


  7. Hi, I’ve seen your name around, but it will be nice to get to know you. Love your t-shirts. I have the same problem with shirt sizes. They all are so different it’s hard to know what to get. Love your mini quilts to and the Spoonflower fabric is perfect. They are expensive but are helpful once in awhile.Good luck with all your holiday projects.

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  8. Bigfoot! Pride & Prejudice! LOVE IT ALL! Same gripe here about the tshirts. It sucks that they don’t make comfy, pleasant looking shirts for those of us who don’t fit the standard.
    I don’t want to be standard, I want to be me!

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