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TTMT #191: Radiant Orchid

I did not plan to make a video today, so please excuse the general look of couldn’t-be-bothered vagrant. The pumpkin quilt is called Pick of the Patch and is designed by Chelsi Stratton. I found the pattern in Issue 166 of the American Patchwork & Quilting The Maker Issue magazine.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #191: Radiant Orchid

  1. Firstly I am totally loving the blocks behind you on the left. The “other” version of those blocks you are making. Love it!

    Secondly, absolutely that counts again as xmas, wrap that sucker up again. honestly, rather than mess with the applique, reverse applique, I would just handstitch like an echo outside the previous stitching with a bold contrasting thread/floss. Yellow maybe? Metallic gold or silver floss?something that stands out against the purple background.


    1. I had tried doing an outline when I first made it – it started out with just kind of purple threads, then I did a white outline afterward – but it still didn’t stand out enough. I’ve been working on the reverse applique tonight and it’s coming out better than expected. I’ve got one petal that’s a bit… rough, to say the least, but otherwise it’s looking pretty good! It hangs on a wall where nobody can get all that close to it, so it doesn’t matter so much if some of the applique is a bit… amateurish.

      The other version of my blocks is just so bright and cheery, isn’t it? I’m really liking the colours/fabrics I’ve used for that one.


  2. Curves are a big nope for me, I’ve just never enjoyed making them!

    The pumpkin blocks are super sweet. I really like those!

    You are right. So. Much. Stitching. But so pretty! I the orchids as they were, but I’m also a big fan of tonals. Gifting it again seems totally fair to me!


    1. I’ve never enjoyed curves either. There’s another couple blocks in this sampler that use curves and I’m not looking forward to any of them, but hopefully they’ll come together as easily as they did with this partcular block.

      The pumpkin quilt looks really great in the magazine so I hope my version turns out as well 😀 It was the first fabrics I took off my fabric wall to make into something so I hope it will be a good start to making things in my new craft space.

      I like the orchids as they were too and would have put it up myself with just the very subtle pattern change, but where my mom keeps it hung it really didn’t stand out at all… too far away to look at close enough to see the more subtle patterns. Oh well, hopefully she’ll like it better with the white petals on the orchids.

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  3. Pandemic has made everyone think why bother. You look fine!

    Oh those blocks are really pretty.

    I am liking those Halloween blocks. Those are fun.

    I remember Radiant Orchid.
    Lol the quilt that just keeps coming back. It will look good when your done again. Lol

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  4. Your blocks continue to be gorgeous, including those new pumpkin blocks. And the hand quilting on that orchid mini is awesome. You are a beautiful quilter. (And definitely gifting again is the way to go.). 🙂


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