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I actually prerecorded this on Monday, but wasn’t feeling up to editing and posting on Tuesday as I had a pretty intense dentist appointment that morning. Also my ancient laptop was having a beast of a time saving the edited video! Nail polish is Revlon in the color Saucy, because I’m a sucker for a good name. Trousers update: I managed to rip the butt seam a bit doing yoga…so I might do a full butt adjustment when I make up the pattern this week. Thankfully the seam is repairable!

12 thoughts on “TTMT#33

  1. I LOVE those pants. I used to have a pair of linen pants I got at the thrift store that were almost identical to those and I was so sad when they died. Simply the most comfy pants ever. I wanted to use them as a pattern to make more just like them out of the linen sheets I have in my stash, but was too afraid of the whole “making pants” thing myself. So I am both proud of you and also impressed that you decided to do it and just did it. Go you!

    Also I totally LOLed over the silly sarah “litter of kittens in my pants”, lol.


    1. I used to have a similar pair in the long ago too! These were surprisingly easy to whip up. If you wanted, I could customize the pattern for you and send you a copy? I’m definitely planning on making more myself and experimenting with some darts for a fitted waistline.

      I figured it was a funny enough line that I should leave it at the end!


  2. Oh lovely hats! The yarn is one I have sent to Jennifer more than once. I don’t even remember why I had such copious amounts of it. I’m do love the color.

    Nice wallet!

    Oh pretty color. I am the mom of 3 very pale humans, 2 of whom are gingers. There really is a different range of colors that work with gingers skin tone.

    Oh nice large craft paper. I use rolls of that for pattern making occasionally and I use it to line the floors when I’m painting and can’t use cloth.

    They are your everyday clothes! Oh you’ve learned so much about apparel making since then. I think you’d be able to get it now. That would be horribly disappointing to do all the work and never be able to wear them.

    Oh yay pockets! I’m kind of the opposite. I feel naked in dresses and skirts unless the are to the ankle. Meanwhile, I spend almost 6 months a year in shorts 🤣 Otherwise, I own jeans.
    Those look cute

    You are looking well. I hope you are doing as well as you look.
    Haha a litter in your pockets lol 😂

    Happy Crafting


    1. I’m a faux ginger, but apparently my skin tone is in the appropriate range. I tend to lean towards the blue based reds myself.

      Tis definitely a multi use paper. I might wrap presents in it in the future too.

      Pretty much everyone I know is a jeans person, and several of them have mentioned feeling a bit exposed in skirts/dresses. I’m definitely the odd duck when it comes to that.

      I’m doing a lot better. Still working on building up strength and stamina though.

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  3. Love the pants! What a great job on the hem—I’m a terribly messy hand-stitcher so really admire the cleanliness of that work.

    Omigosh, nail polish names. My friend bought me a color years and years ago—it was a bright red named “Gash” which was maybe kind of gross? But it made us chuckle. And my husband tells a story in his philosophy classes about his friend’s favorite color (also a bright red) that is amusingly named “I’m Not Really a Waitress.”


    1. I honestly used to hate hand stitching. I think this is one of those things where practice both improves one’s skill and one’s enjoyment of the thing.

      I’m Not Really A Waitress used to be my go to color years ago! Another favorite (though not a red) is Unicorn Horn by Pacifica.


  4. Great to hear from you. Love the pants. They look great on, too. A goal of finishing some of my projects sounds like a good idea. (Doesn’t mean I can do, just sounds good!! lol)


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