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TTMT 10/6/20: Executive Decision Made

I did end up making an executive decision. Instead of 3X4 or 4X5, I made a 4X4 with 4 1/2″ border on top and bottom to make sure all the fabrics she requested is incorporated.

11 thoughts on “TTMT 10/6/20: Executive Decision Made

  1. I love your blouse. The fabric is so pretty!

    Woo, the PoD top looks fantastic. You did a great job. As usual. 😊

    Your Mr G knows his stuff. I love that he loves music. My Mr G is a jazz man. 🎶

    Enjoy your sewing! And I love that random act of kindness at Joann. How lovely.

    Please thank Tim for the ambiance!


    1. I was wearing my favorite blouse. I don’t wear it often so it won’t wear out.

      I hope Wanda is as pleased with the quilt as I am. I’m going to quilt it myself – simple wavy line quilting on the bookcase part, straight line (or semi-straight line) on the background fabric and in the ditch around the books. (at least that’s my plan).

      Garrick’s favorite videos are by a violin, cello & bass trio called Simply Three.

      I’ll relay your message to Tim.

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  2. Oh nice! That will make a nice quilt.

    Yay for the PoD. Well I think she’ll like it.

    Lol Omg Little G man is adorable. I have a couple of violinist and guitarist in the house. Smart Boy.

    Happy Crafting


  3. I like your final layout on the PoD! I’m sure she will love it and appreciate it so much.

    I think whatever you decide to do with your strips will be nice. Have you ever tried tube quilting? look it up on youtube. It makes some pretty cool blocks with strip sets like the ones you have put together.


  4. Wonderful quilt. If she doesn’t like it, she’s crazy. I don’t think she has any right to be critical since she never responded to you. The kids in her classroom will love it. You are a good person! Hugs

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  5. Those jelly roll strips will look really great together… you could do a rail fence type thing or a kind of windmill, I guess. Anyway, autumnal is a great word for it.. very nice.

    The PoD looks really great.. I can’t imagine she wouldn’t like it! It’s too bad she didn’t respond, but you need to move forward so I think that was a good decision to make.


  6. Love those fall strips coming together. Definitely going to look good.

    The POD top looks fabulous. She is going to love it I’m sure.

    Garrick is clearly smart and an obvious stringed instrument expert. I’m more of a piano nerd, but that’s a stringed instrument too, after all. 🙂


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