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TTMT 9/28/20: Just Ramblin’ Along

10 thoughts on “TTMT 9/28/20: Just Ramblin’ Along

  1. For the bookshelf quilt wall hanging, I like the 3 x 4 layout idea, since you are making another border. Like you said, then you are most of the way done with another quilt.


  2. I sure do hope you hear from the teacher soon so you can move ahead on her PoD. I love that black fabric!

    Woo, look at those nine patches! I do love a disappearing nine patch. I’m sure it’ll be lovely.

    *hugs* to you!


    1. Wanda is slow to reply because she is so absorbed by curriculum planning, figuring out the on-line classroom, etc. I don’t want to push her, so I may end up making an “executive decision” and make it the way I want to. ๐Ÿ˜Š I really think she’ll be happy with it. I’ll use one block and her left over fabric to make her a tote.

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  3. Fandominstitchy! What a great word.
    Hopefully she’s help you with exactly what she would like in the classroom so you can get that figured out.

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  4. Hopefully you’ll get that figured out. With it being a wall hanging the 3×4 with boarders might be just fine. If it was going on a bed I’d probably go bigger. I know it’ll be awesome!
    The nine patches are gonna be cool!


  5. Because you need even more options to think about, lol. If it’s specifically designed to be a wall hanging, and she wants more than 12 blocks, but less than 20, you could always do 3×5 or 3×6, bookcases are often tall and narrow. If you do 4×5, I would just do the bookcase and not a big border around it, maybe like just the sides and top. I hope she gets back to you with feedback soon! If not, just decide what you think is best and move on, she’ll love it regardless.

    Looking forward to seeing your disappearing 9-patch come together. Stay safe and healthy, my dear.


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