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TTMT 190: Blocks blocks blocks

I made the still a (not great) Instagram shot of the quilt top I show in the video. So in short:

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    1. Haha.. well, that’s certainly true! I was imagining walking though tiny corridors left after all the heaped up quilts take up the rest of the available space in the rooms 😀 Cozy for sure, just maybe… smothering in an avalanche!


  1. I’ve slept since you shared those blocks, so they all seem new to me! I’m just glad to see you here. The colors are very happy.

    You totally described my house. Crawling around in quilts, ha! Quilty house of horrors…

    Woah, those are some chonky blocks! I didn’t realize they were so big. They look great.


    1. They’re enormous blocks! I don’t think I clued in how big they’d be until it had me cutting 8.5″ squares to go on the corners of each block and I was like….. oh. It still surprises me when I try to pin it up on the wall… I think in my head it was going to be baby sized, not almost 80″ across.

      I love all my quilts and for a house with 2 people in it, we’ve got a kind of ridiculous amount of them, but I’ve got fabric for so so so many more! 😀

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  2. For years I gave all my quilts away. I would never have anything to show off in my house (even on the beds) I have gotten quite selfish in a way. I still give quilts away, but I hold on to so many now in the house and rotate displaying them. I love the idea of a house full of quilts.
    Your work is always so crisp and beautiful and I’m sure the person who receives it will be thrilled.
    That is one BIG block!!! I love it!

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    1. I always want to keep everything I make, but I’ve got about 4 quilts from my grandma and 1 from my aunt and 3 from my mom and I’ve kept 4 or 5 I’ve made and then I’ve got a couple afghans and it starts to feel like maybe too much? It’s so hard to say. I have a lot of in progress quilts that I want to keep too, so I dunno. The more work intensive ones will probably stay in my house whether I need them or not.. ones like this, which go together quick and easy.. maybe they need to go 😀


  3. Hi

    I do exactly the same thing. I try to deliberately go to new colors, but general go back to my blues, greens, teal, purples with my basic variation of grey for the background. I literally bought a background I already had recently…sigh

    The blocks looks really good. I love the tattoo quilt a long. I just do not have the time for it this year. I have enjoyed seeing them on IG.

    I hope your happy with the new set up. I know it was a tremendous amount of work to move everything.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Grey is my favourite background too, though I’ve been doing more colourful backgrounds lately (not that you can tell from anything I seem to show, but if I fished some of my great pile of unfinished works out of their hiding places you could tell). I’ve got a fair bit of large cuts of solid fabrics, so I’m trying to be more conscientious about using them, even though I lean towards Gotham Grey if I want dark and Ash or Silver if I want light. I used a pure white in this quilt, but that just feels dangerous somehow, like I’m asking for someone to decide to eat a meatball sub in my sewing room.

      The tattoo quilt is really great, but I wish more and more that I’d chosen my own fabrics. It turned out to be a weird year for quiltalongs – a lot of shops couldn’t get all the colours or fabrics, so they had to sub in other choices, so my purple/orange quilt has less orange and more purple than the original layout suggested and my tattoo quilt kit has some slightly off shades of things that I wouldn’t have picked if it were up to me (like, I really hate the shade of pink in the hand on this block). I keep reminding myself that in the overall quilt any one ugly fabric, even if it’s used in several places, won’t be enough to ruin it.

      The sewing space set-up is really unfinished. My car being written off kind of derailed a lot of my plans for the sewing room because I’m reluctant to spend any more of my savings on the furniture I’d planned to get to fill the space. It’s been a really expensive year – two new cars now, assorted furniture and other stuff for the living space, etc – and some of the money I’d saved for furniture kind of rolled into a down payment for the car, which I was certainly not expecting to have to do. So I’m kind of happy with the space, but kind of want to get a second job so that I could finish with the various cabinets I need to replace (right now there’s nowhere to put thread and assorted sewing… utensils etc) and so that I could buy a couch or a couple chairs or whatever. It all just feels a bit unresolved right now.


      1. Ok it took me a minute to stop laughing about the meatball sub. I get that way about white. It’s generally while I use grunge when I use white. It’s supposed to look a bit dirty with grunge. Not meatball sub dirty, but tonal enough to hide some dirt.

        Oh I always wonder why I fret over fabric choices. I see a crap ton of ugly quilts as a long armer. In general, I rarely think they look ugly when they are all quilted up. Maybe not my style, but they genuinely look good when they are done .
        I’m sure many fabric stores are having trouble getting all the fabrics they need. The mask making frenzy has really wiped them out. It will look great when your finished. The fabric won’t be as stand out as it is on a singular block.

        Oh that completely sucks about your car. I would pretty upset about that. I hate the feeling of being on hold or in limbo with things. 2020 has really been a shit sandwich of a year. It truly ridiculous that my kind has gone to looking for to two or three years from now because now just sucks.


        1. I really like grunge for a background… I did a little baby quilt in January with vanilla grunge in the background and it was great. I just wish grunge were priced at Kona prices 😉

          I often wonder about long-armers and ugly quilts, haha. I follow a couple long armers who live in my area and they all often post pictures of all sorts of things from the very ugly to the kind of bewildering (and some really amazing ones too!) and yeah… I imagine having to swallow back opinions about all kinds of things. I do agree that quilting puts a finish on things that somehow improves even the ugly ducklings into something more like swans.

          Things could be worse with the car – I have pretty good insurance coverage and won’t be left owing anything on car one, but that doesn’t recover anything I’ve paid into it, so basically it made it into a kind of… expensive 7 month lease. And now I’m back to the beginning with paying off another new car. Ugh. 2020. Seriously, shit sandwich. I was reading something or watching something and someone kind of off-hand was like “2020. Like the calendars going to flip and 01-01-21 is going to be a miracle of a changed world.” and yeah… that was kind of a kick in the hopeful part of the brain 😀


          1. Well because at the beginning of this I think felt like 2021 was
            far enough away that it would be over.
            Now the reality is setting in.

            I wish it was Kona priced too. I have found Thousands of Bolts to usually have decent prices for grunge. They are in Northern Ohio. No clue how much shipping would be or if they even ship to Canada. It seems like they should as a border state.


            1. I think I’ve ordered from them in the past when the exchange rate was better. Usually the shipping is ridiculous unless you buy a big quantity (which is just what I used to do… I’d add stuff until shipping plus cost plus exchange was the same as or cheaper than buying in canada) and then depending how they ship it you also get dinged for duty/taxes for importing it. If it comes via Canada Post I rarely get charged duty/tax but if its UPS they always charge it. It’s very annoying 😁

              On Tue, Oct 6, 2020, 9:07 PM TTMT – Talk To Me Tuesday, wrote:



  4. You hair has gotten so long since the last time we saw you on camera! It always looks good, it’s just a different look for you. I like it, do you?

    “Hoarder house full of quilts” or as the rest of us call it, a house where a quilter lives, lol. Those blocks are so bright and cheerful. And that hand one looks really hard. That’s going to be an interesting quilt to see come together. I look forward to it.

    So how are you liking your setup? You do such amazing quilting. I know you say you won’t bring another machine in, but I gotta tell you, it would make your life so much easier. Then you’d have one always available for quilting, and the other for piecing, zipper pouches, what have you. Maybe keep an eye out for a mid-long-arm used in your area that is a sit down in a table. You do such amazing work with your stitching, and unlike me you are still young and your shoulders aren’t falling apart, lol. Something like the APQS George machine. You see them used for sale occasionally, but not that often.

    So good to see and hear from you!


    1. My hair really has gotten quite long… if it were straightened you’d be even more surprised! It’s so long I don’t really like to take the time to straighten it any more, even though I like the look a lot better than leaving it wavy/curly. The thing I don’t like about my hair being long is that I tend to default to ponytails and braids when it is long, and I don’t want to do that.

      In my head I was picturing a house with so many quilts you’d have to walk sideways through little hallways tunnelling through rooms otherwise filled with quilts. Cozy in deep winter, but a smothering risk if it even collapsed, haha.

      The set-up is kind of good, kind of bad. I mean, there’s space enough I could get a frame and have a decent sized set up,… but I want to use that space for a little seating area/tv, so the decision was tv instead of secondary sewing space. I really debated getting the q-zone style one, but I prefer big quilts to small and I’m still kind of wary of having to move it left/right as well as up/down while maintaining whatever quilting idea I’ve got. I don’t know. My car being written off threw a wrench in my spending plans for the year, so I need to save money for a while before I do anything major in any direction. Alas, why couldn’t I have been born rich 😉


  5. Oh girl! You are preaching to the choir! I LOVE starting things. Finishing things is pretty cool too, but not as much as starting. And the the “continuing” things phase in the middle—that is where the stumbling is.

    I really love the color scheme you put together for the summer sampler. It’s just a great mix. Definitely more compelling than the purple fabrics (at least so far).

    Holy schnikeys, those are gigantic blocks! They certainly look great, but I know what you mean about not knowing who it can be for after you’ve made something sometimes.


    1. I am *great* at abandoning a project about 1/4 of the way from the end, haha.

      I really like my version of the summer sampler too… maybe the other will improve when more of the colours get included. I kind of got side-tracked by mask making right now so I haven’t been doing any of those projects right now, but hopefully I will get back to it soon. I want to see how they’ll both come together!

      I always want to keep like… everything I make, but it’s just not practical 😀 I have a really small family, though, and not a ton of friends so I’m running out of places to give them. I really need to find a charity that I can feel excited about donating to, I guess!


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