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TTMT #365 – jewells68 – August 18, 2020 – Curtains

In which I talk about crafty activities of the past week as well as take you back in time to see my swap quilt before it winged its way to its recipient!

14 thoughts on “TTMT #365 – jewells68 – August 18, 2020 – Curtains

  1. That is a most excellent shirt. 😉

    The charm squares look so good! Love the back and I love the binding!

    A new project, you say? It’s impossible to stop, isn’t it?!

    The new curtains look great. I know that felt good to get done!

    I do love a good time travel video! The label came out so cute, I do love it. The rainbow crossword is really perfect for our swap and I’m sure Abbie loves it. ♥


    1. I pulled it out and said, OMG this is from retreat years ago and I said oh no it’s too small. But now it fits. Woo!

      When I was unpiling things off of my frame I came across the 8.5in squares and said, welp, I guess y’all are next! lol I wasn’t about to put them away somewhere until they were a quilt top!

      I really like how hers came out. I’ll eventually get around to mine, lol. But I only used 10 of the rings so I have 10 left for my curtains.

      I guess I could have waited until Abbie posted but I know it got delivered, so I’m sharing!

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    1. Thank you, I had a lot of fun designing and making it, and I’m so glad Abbie likes it! I wanted it to say “jewells” when you look at it, and I think I accomplished that.


  2. Oh i love you swap quilt. What a fun idea. So cheerful ❤️

    The charm squares on point look great. The bind is fabulous. It brings such brightness to the top.

    Nice curtains

    So much crafty goodness going on. I love seeing your SewJo in action.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I really enjoyed designing and making the friendship quilt. And I love how a “scrabble” quilt turned into something that really is fairly obvious that I made it. It was such a fun swap to craft for!

      I’m trying to clear all the “stuff” off my frame so I can get back to quilting. Just a couple more things to go. I’m not putting them somewhere else, I’m going to finish them and keep on keeping on.

      Iwasn’t exactly sure how I was going to make them, I didn’t follow a pattern or tutorial or anything. Just sort of did what made sense. I showed the huge cafe rings on Amazon to Miss P and she liked that idea so I didn’t even bother making a sleeve. The white 1″ rod was already her curtain rod. It’s actually designed for closets and is super sturdy and mounted with screws to her built in bookshelves. I just had to lower them so that the length of the curtains matched what she wanted as far as where it hit the window and then screw them back into the bookshelves. She loves how easily they open and close. She had blackout curtains before and likes that these diffuse the light significantly without totally blocking it.


    1. I’m really happy with how this quilt turned out, it was fun to design and make.

      My daughter loves her new curtains, and I have 4 total yards of fabric less in my Project Room. It’s a win-win!

      Another Linus quilt done! I need to get going on quilting the next one!


    1. That’s a quick and easy pattern, although I think it would look better if I hadn’t used the same fabric more than once.

      I enjoyed this swap very much. I can’t wait to show the one I received this week! We missed you in this one, but totally understandable with you getting your new space all set up. So much going on!


      1. It’s still such a mess… I’ve been trying to record some little progress videos of getting things into place, but its just such a mess! I don’t know where to start and then get overwhelmed and kind of do half of a bunch of things instead of finishing anything. I got really hung up on my books for a couple days which definitely emptied boxes, but weren’t exactly the biggest deal in the pile of things to deal with. Oh well. Maybe by next week.


        1. I didn’t even move rooms and I spent the weekend completely tearing apart and rearranging my project room. I still can’t find a place for everything… and I have more fabric coming that I ordered on Saturday. Thankfully 2 yards of it is for a specific project.

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