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TTMT #584 – A Little Doom & Swapping

Have you finished your swap quilt?  TTMT FRIENDSHIP SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN! You have until Friday, August 7, 2020 (noon CST) to sign-up. Because time is weird in 2020, that is THIS FRIDAY. 

Please remember to sign up once you completely finished and are ready to mail. Partners will be randomly assigned and sent via email no later than Monday, August 10, 2020.  Let me know if you have any questions. ♥



8 thoughts on “TTMT #584 – A Little Doom & Swapping

  1. What a cute little PoD. I’ve been asked by a teacher, who is also my grandson’s godgrandmother, to make a Harry Potter quilt for her classroom. Of course I said yes. So that is my next project and I’m looking forward to it.

    I signed up for the swap. My little quilt is finished except for the label, which I am getting ready to prepare this afternoon. I’m so excited!


    1. Thank you, my friend! It was a fun and easy PoD to put together, I really enjoyed it!

      Of course you need to make a Harry Potter quilt for a teacher! ♥

      Yay, so glad you signed up for the swap!


  2. Ah I remember that PoD. I had fun piecing an orphan pod, too, books are the easy part, so if you have a head start from someone else with the objects it’s super fun!

    I know it is super stressful to have him going back with things the way they are right now. I know you will focus on the things you can control and enjoy your one on one time with him in the car on the way there, but that doesn’t make it go away. Thank goodness he is such a smart cookie. Let’s hope he’s able to surround himself with other smart cookies that are caring and responsible like he is. ((hugs))


    1. I really liked the miniature rows! I am thinking that some of my smaller Fandom orphan blocks would work well in a similar layout. Maybe next time I break the orphan blocks out!

      It is super stressful, but I trust him. I think it’s the distance on top of the pandemic. LOTS OF BREATHING. And a fair bit of wine.


  3. Very nice PoD.. it looks really great. I can’t imagine shrinking some of those intricate blocks to make them smaller, haha.

    Can’t wait to see the swap projects! I really like the yellow binding.


    1. I think she started shrinking blocks and then was like NOOOO which is how I ended up with them!

      Swaps go out this week. So excited! I hope next time we do something, you’ll be all set up and can participate. 🙂


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