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TTMT #76 I found the orphan block stash

8 thoughts on “TTMT #76 I found the orphan block stash

  1. Great slingshot block. Wonderful orphan blocks. I’m so happy you found those and I’m looking forward to seeing them all come together into their forever home.

    Four hours visiting under a tree off the Walmart parking lot sounds like heaven! I’m so glad you two were able to do that.

    See you next week.

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  2. Girl, that is a fantastic pile of orphan blocks! Use em up and you’ll feel so much better.

    I continue to love your Zelda progress. Yay for making new things!

    Last week was so great! It was so nice to just sit and talk. You know it’s good when we both totally forgot to eat our lunch! I was sunburned, too, but not terribly. WORTH IT. ♥


    1. Right! I knew I had them somewhere. So I’ll play around with them over the next however long. I’ll definitely be glad to pass them along.

      Ahh I ate all the way home 😂

      It wasn’t a bad burn. I found it funny that I didn’t even notice I was burning or starving. Just good to see you and have time to hang.

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  3. I tried zigzagging over my metal nose thingy, too. I was actually able to make it zig zag wide enough, but since mine didn’t have sewing holes I was basically just trying to sew over the whole thing to secure it because it wasn’t sticking down great and I wanted to be able to wash it. I have come up with a new plan of sticking down with the built in adhesive and then sewing a piece of fabric over it with a not terribly small stitch length so it’s easy to pick out and replace if the metal breaks. My mask right now just has it stuck on there. This time the adhesive held so it hasn’t been a problem yet..

    Oh my that is a lot of orphan blocks! I feel a little better about my single small bin of them now, lol. Crank those puppies into charity quilts and pillow, lady, you will feel so much better! Now I’m thinking maybe I don’t need to start desigining, because I will end up with so many leftover blocks.


  4. Lol
    Oh it’s kind of insane. I’ll count them later and let you know the damage 🤣
    I know I designed 60 blocks for the iPhone quilt along and made two quilts using 24 or 28 in each quilt. But some of these were just other popular apps I designed at the time. I have iPhone apps, fantastic beast, Star Trek but from some of Vanda’s original designs not the QAL blocks, There and Back again blocks, 8 in dear janes, a huge HP sword, and random stuff like a smurf. I’m have plenty to play with.

    I don’t normal have this many from my own designs. I did a huge number of blocks for the Smart Phone Quilt a long. Like the Minion quilt along I only made what o want for it and let the other designers crazy for the design invitational.
    The rest of the blocks are not my designs. Things I started and didn’t finish or tested for someone else.


  5. WOW! That IS a lot of orphan blocks. The phone one would be excellent for an older kid. Glad. you got to go see Jennifer. Sounds like you both had a good time.
    I look forward to see what you do with the orphan blocks.


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