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TTMT #581 – Getaway!

With apologies to Vicky! She gave Jennifer R the fabric used in the Clover All Over seen in the video. ❤️


13 thoughts on “TTMT #581 – Getaway!

  1. Love the Clover All Over. Great team effort and beautiful work. Wonderful orphan block quilt.

    I’m so happy you two got away from it all for a little bit. The crochet is looking great. If you’re out of yard, you’ll figure it out.

    The bubble fabric is definitely you! That’s HORRIBLE that your order was never processed! I remember your request for astronauts. I didn’t have any, unfortunately. I looked online, but didn’t see the one you were looking for. I’m so happy you are getting the fabric you need.

    The Eric Carl fabric is amazing! I know you will make wonderful things with those. We always loved his stories here, too.

    Great to see you.


    1. I just had to share the Clover, it’s so good!

      This past weekend was the first time we’ve been alone in almost a year. That was a bit jarring to realize.

      Mary, I was so mad I almost cried when I saw my order wasn’t processed. I checked out and I had a shipping confirmation, but they never charged me. I was never contacted and I was so surprised because it’s a place I usually trust. I haven’t mentioned the place because I suspect it wasn’t on purpose, but still. UGH.

      Marianne sends the best fabric! 🙂


      1. I think we get so used to things going well with certain places that when the confirming email doesn’t come or the tracking isn’t right we just don’t notice at first.

        I have a paper project coming out of Ireland. (Royal Mail). The company/designer is so good that I was just waiting patiently, knowing it would take additional time. But the seller tracked it and noticed it had fallen off the map for a week. They contacted me, and since the birthday I was planning for had passed, I said I wasn’t in a hurry. They continued to track it, it was then scanned at the UK Depot. So they called and discovered that packages are not leaving the UK for the USA because there are not flights. This we all knew, of course, but didn’t put together that mail isn’t getting through without the daily flights. They truly appreciate my patience, and I’m fine with it.

        However, I am also angry about your situation. My items can be replaced if they don’t show up, and I’m not in a hurry any more. Yours is different. That would really upset me. When you make your decision and order something you really want, it is so disappointing when things don’t go well. Again, I think we are spoiled by how so many things do go well.


        1. I don’t usually get upset at something like this, I just roll with it and figure something else out. I think it was mostly because it’s tied up with my kid going to a new college campus next month when Texas is such a hot mess, you know? Making masks is a little thing I can do to help.

          Oh, I hadn’t heard mail wasn’t making it here from the UK. That is good to know! What a surprise that will be when it finally arrives!


          1. I usually roll with things, but I completely understand why this is important and disappointing to you.

            It didn’t even cross my mind when I ordered it that there were no flights coming in from Europe these days. It didn’t cross their’s either until they asked. Commerce between the US and Europe is just something I take for granted. I order things from Amazon in Australia fairly frequently, and I’m going to pay attention going forward to when I actually need it.

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  2. T-shirt twins, yay!

    That clover all over is fantastic, and wow, it’s a TTMT charity quilt trifecta, lol.

    Sometimes you just have to buy the speckles you want. I mean bubbles. 😉

    I’m so glad you got the fabric you needed to finish his masks. You do so much for other people, I’m sure they were excited to be able to do something for you.

    Marianne’s fabric donations are epic! What fantastic charity quilts those are going to make!


    1. Right?! I love my new shirt! And yours!

      That Clover all Over is so good. It’s got Minky on the back, too!

      You say speckles, I say bubbles. We float our own boats. 😉

      I still haven’t opened that fabric. It just came yesterday and we try to wait at least two days. *grabby hands*


  3. Love the shirt!

    Oh the fabric was from Vicky. It was from the fabric fairy attack last fall. It may have brought tears 😭

    Oh that’s a great orphan block quilt. I love it.

    I’m so glad you got a get away with #PBF. Sounds and looks amazing.

    It was so good to hand with you. I need to remind myself I need to try to find safe ways to see people more. It feeds the sole.

    Bubbles is a scrumptious line.

    Oh the crafty peoples are the best for making ones day or week.

    I can’t wait to make some from the Eric Carle. Gorgeous

    Texas summer 🥵

    Happy Crafting

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    1. Oh, Vicky! Thanks for that, I knew it was one of our gals!

      We need more regular meet-ups, but we definitely have to make sure and block out the day because we need it!

      Texas summer indeed. I told my pbf I’m losing weight from sweating in the garage or under my mask!


  4. I adore the Clover all Over quilt! It is simply stunning. And knowing how many TTMTers had a part in it makes it even more special.

    All the new fabric is simply scrumptious.

    Not getting the space fabric was a blessing in disguise for many people. 1. You felt the love of quite a few of your fellow quilters. 2. They were able to show you their appreciation for all that you have done (and continue to do) for them. 3. Your son will get a variety of spacey masks for himself and possibly to share with his friends.

    Your retreat with Eli sounds absolutely wonderful. That place looks so peaceful and lovely. You two make a very cute couple.


    1. Jennifer corrected me and said the fabric came from Vicky, so still TTMT!

      I’ve made so many space masks and I’m still going. The generosity of the quilt community never ceases to amaze me!

      Our getaway was an amazing experience. The peace and quiet and alone time were wonderful!


  5. I love Eric Carle, too. I have some of that fabric, too. Need to get it out!!
    Your anniversary location looks wonderful. So peaceful. Years ago we stayed a similar type place in East TX and stayed in a train car. That was fun, too.
    Your quilts look great as usual.

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