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TTMT #361 – jewells68 – July 14, 2020 – Stuff and Kindness

In which I show retro 9-patches, a new Project Linus top in progress, my new tie-dye tee, sorting, shopping, and probably more. Oh and a correction, the Hip Stitch Facebook Live Sale I was talking about is actually just once a month. They always announce it in advance on their official facebook page. I don’t work for Hip Stitch or own any part of it, I just love shopping there, lol.

Tee is from Sunshine Sisters

Find my new favorite fabric line at Hip Stitch in Albuquerque:  Ruby Star Society: “Speckled”

16 thoughts on “TTMT #361 – jewells68 – July 14, 2020 – Stuff and Kindness

  1. Wait…FINISH a project? Is that really a thing? Asking for a friend.

    The 9-patches will do beautifully together.

    I like the skeleton that fell in your cart! That’ll be cute no matter what you do with it. Grab bag fat quarters sounds like a great deal, too. Boy, you’ve been doing wonderful shopping. I put my 1/4 yd cuts in with the fat quarters. Same amount of fabric. I found that before I put them together, i was routinely going to both bins for things. All by ROYGBV (because there’s no other way to find them, right?” i know you miss your cutting mat and other things, but you’re so going to love it once you’re finished.

    Love the shirt. Perfect message. I wish more people could get that message through their heads right now.


    1. I used to never work on multiple projects at one time because it stressed me out too badly. but it seems like now I’m juggling at least half a dozen at once, lol.

      I’m a sucker for Halloween and especially for glow in the dark, so this was a double whammy, I had no choice, lol. Time to stop shopping and start MAKING though.

      This is my new “leaving the house” shirt. I’m hoping it reminds me and everyone else to just play nicely. Wore it to the grocery store this morning, too.


      1. Multiple projects freaked me out for a very short time. Them became my norm, and I’m fine with that.

        I love Halloween an glow-in-the dark as well. I also love 3-D for some reason. I will be making 3-D quilt shortly (the fabric came with glasses) that’s I’m almost ready to tackle.

        Kindness has become so rare (it was rampant a few months ago when we were all-in-this-together, and then dissipated when we entered the every-man-for-himself bitter stage). So nice to see you and Jennifer are doing your parts for kindness.


  2. That’s a snazzy shirt you have there lady! I wore mine to vote. ♥

    “Accidentally ordered a glow-in-the-dark skeleton…” Who doesn’t need that, right?!

    You’re such a good spokesperson for Hip Stitch! Someday you will take me there.

    Freaking adore those speckles!

    You’ve done so much organizing. It takes so long to go through and touch everything and figure out where for it to go.


  3. I’m so glad you sent me the link, I love this shirt, so soft and bright! It makes me smile, and that’s reason enough, even without the message on the front.

    I was like I really don’t need this oh how did that get there pay now pay now, before you change your mind, lol

    I have probably spent at least the same, if not more, at hipstitch since the pandemic hit than the previous years combined, lol. I love that they listen to their customers about what they want to buy… And they have So. Much. Grunge. I’m not a “modern quilter” per se, and they carry a lot of fabrics I don’t really dig, too, but they carry a lot of fun notions and they carry some really fun fabrics that I like. And they are trying so hard to make crafting still fun right now, however they can, I just really feel for them.

    I still have a TON to do, but this time I’m working on things while I do it, because in the past, I’ve gotten depressed when I’m spending all this time organizing or cleaning up and not actually making anything. This way, maybe there are things that I can’t really do right now, like trim a qullt, for instance, lol. but at least I’m still getting to work on things at the same time.


  4. Well Hello Twinsies 😁

    I like what you did there with the bears. I agree the second set of blocks was to Christmassy looking.
    I don’t think it matters if you finished other things. You got progress made on that. Sometimes you just got do what inspires you at the moment. I like it.

    I like the 9 patches. They have the vintage look to them. I have a warm and fuzzy feeling for vintage looking quilts.

    I hate when stuff randomly jumps in my virtual cart. *snickers*

    Oh nice score with the 1/4 yards pack.

    Ohhh live sales are dangerous…ask
    Abbie. I may have directed her towards my local store doing that.


    1. we were like tshirt twins!! lol And I can attest to the fact that it fits true to size ANd it’s soft after washing. I love my new tee!

      I am really enjoying myself just going with the flow. I’m doing a little sorting and organizing, a little cutting, a little sewing, whatever I am feeling that day. It’s very freeing. I’m normally wound so very tight, but I seem to have found some peace in this crazy pandemic.

      I could NOt pass up a $5.99 glow in the dark skeleton, I mean cmon. Even if I end up just hanging it on the wall in October, lol

      I was SO pleasantly surprised with the mystery atr yard bundle. I hope they offer that again because it was totally worth the not knowing, lol.

      Yeah I felt bad because I love that fabric so much and no one was claiming that bundle so I had to, um, “rescue” it. lol

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  5. Oops I hit reply to soon. Lol for sale… on sale close enough

    I love that fabric!

    Nice organization. I need to really thing how I want my stash. I have zero organization right now.

    I love the shirt. It’s funny because I saw it a few weeks ago and almost order it. I do love it.

    Happy Organizing


  6. LOL!!! Stuff has been “accidentally” falling in my cart lately too. I’ve allowed myself to a few things for myself because a) it makes me happy and b) I’ve been donating a LOT of masks for free, and c) it makes me happy!!!! In this weird time our mental health is priority. Bonus is I’m trying to stimulate our local economy with keeping the neighborhood quilt shop afloat. BTW, she offered 15 FQ’s for $25, so I got some neat fabrics for new masks for my niece and others, but it was stuff that I wouldn’t have even looked at before ie. pink foxes, unicorns, rainbows. Love all that you’re working on by and by. Who knows what you might find in your stash this weekend. You’ll see what I found this week, next week.


    1. I’ve spent almost all the money I had saved up for an embroidery machine on supporting my local businesses. So the requirement was I’m spending it on something that makes me smile. I decided I know enough people with embroidery machines I can probably just ask them to embroidery something for me if I need/want something. Being able to help small businesses made it totally worthwhile to give that idea up.


  7. Sometimes you gotta do the thing you want to do now, instead of the thing you should do 😀

    Ooh.. i like the glow in the dark skeleton.. fun 😀

    Love the speckled fabrics… it’s a great print that’s not too… flashy. I did a bunch of covid shopping near the beginning of things, but I’ve finally eased up. Time to buy furniture for my new sewing room instead, so I can’t “waste” it on fabric haha. You picked up some great stuff though.


    1. I have decided that turning long-languishing donated fabric into a charity quilt totally fits in with my organizing plan, because I won’t be putting it back into the Linus fabric bin, lol.

      Even if I don’t make anything out of the skeleton for a while, at the very least I can hang it on the wall in October, lol. I don’t have much in the way of halloween decor, so it will be nice to beef that a bit. But I am curbing the shopping for now so I can continue using stuff up and finishing quilts.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your new space when you get it all set up.:)


  8. I’m sure you’ve noticed “starting new projects” is my specialty!! Doesn’t seem weird to me at all. lol
    Love your Ruby Star fabric. That will be loads of fun. Can’t to see what the skeleton becomes.


    1. It is really strange for me because it usually really stresses me out to have so many things going on at once. And it was starting to again by the end of last week, but I nipped it in the bud. As long as I keep plugging away at things I think I can keep my mojo going and not freak out. I’m kind of high strung, lol.

      I love that RSS fabric So. Much. Too much I think. I seriously have ZERO plans for it, and that’s something I’m trying to not do, but just got “grabby hands”. Same with the skeleton. I mean who doesn’t need a glow in the dark skeleton, even if it’s just to hang on the wall in October?


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