TTMT Video

TTMT: 7/7/20 – Coasting Along

5 thoughts on “TTMT: 7/7/20 – Coasting Along

  1. Oh everyone is picking their swap projects I need to get busy!

    I need a haircut so bad but I was trying to figure out how they could do it well while I’m wearing a mask. It’s gotten SO long and it’s all bushy and crazy. I end up wearing it up like every day.

    Those mug rugs are really cute!


  2. The coasters are precious.

    On the swap — I’m happy you’re working on it, and you sound excited about it. You’re a TEASE! Looking forward to more clues.

    Stay safe and healthy.


  3. Cute hair cut. I just did the first Covid hair cut for my youngest. We took 8 1/2 inches off. My husband has been begging me to cut his hair. So I’ll probably give in and do it. I’m not sure people can get hair cuts hear right now but the numbers are to out of control to go.

    Oh he will love those. Super fun. I love how you are getting the Christmas presents done now.

    Yay another swapper 😄

    Stay safe, good to you see, I miss living near by!


  4. Woo, look at that sassy hair! I’m guessing you’re loving your short summer do! My daughter had a similar experience with her hair cut. She went super short so she doesn’t have to go back for a while. Thank you for sharing your experience. I would like to have a trim soon, but I am waiting because Texas is such a mess at the moment.

    Aren’t those coasters cute! You have been on such a roll with your embroidery. I have some new designs, but my embroidery machine isn’t super accessible at the moment, so I’ve been using it sparingly.

    I’m so pleased at how many of our little family are participating in the swap.

    Love you, lady, see you soon!


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