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TTMT#146-Christmas in July

7 thoughts on “TTMT#146-Christmas in July

  1. Oh I love that orange border, that is perfect to finish off that quilt, good choice!

    the butterflies will make a great quilt. I don’t know if you have any square dies for your acuquilt, but if you do, you could cut 6.5 or 8.6 inch squares and do a disappearing 9patch and have plenty of fabric leftover for masks.

    I would like to know more about the 3 yard quilts book/patterns. I have a set of like 3 or 4 colors of the same pretty tonal fabric that someone donated to linus, and it’s exactly a yard of each color. I’ve kept them for using in a specific pattern and now they’ve been sitting in my stash for YEARS


    1. So Julia, about a year or two ago I was at this informal stitching group and one of the ladies ,who tries to make 100 quilts a year for Linus, was working on a 3 yard quilt. She asked if I wanted to look at the book and I said sure. Well, Annette was telling me how it’s like a recipe and clear with the instructions. I still hesitated on actually buying any of the books, then when I wanted to make my niece a graduation quilt I knew I wanted to make some kind of interwoven chain and I found the pattern in one of Donna Robertson’s books, Modern 3 yard quilts, so I bought it and another and I’m looking at a third one now. Donna Robertson has a quilt shop, Fabric The only thing that Annette cautioned me about was that Donna uses a single wide bias. Donna has you cut so you are using almost every inch of the fabric, so you really have to pay attention when you are cutting. The patterns are not anything too intricate, but I find that not having to reinvent the wheel every time I sew is actually a good thing. Like I said in the video, I’ve been putting my own touch on it by using maybe 2- 1/2 yds instead of 1 yard of a color. I’ve been doing some research on the books and Connected Threads has the best price on them, but also makes them popular that they aren’t in stock. You can order direct from Fabric Cafe. Have fun!

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  2. I really enjoy seeing the fabric you buy. It is so unique. It really makes a difference where a person lives. Local shops can be so different.
    Love the RV fabrics. We used to go camping when I was growing up. We didn’t have an RV but a tent. We went all over the US. It was great fun.
    Hope you get to go out soon.


  3. The orange border definitely finishes it. Looks great!

    LOVE to see you “using” your stash now instead of just searching through it. Great job getting that system going.

    You and your 60-degree-triangle are just amazing together! Great job on that…again.

    The campfire is so fun! Yes, I’ve been watching it back there. I’m glad you’ve been playing with that. Looks great.

    I do Christmas when I see a Christmas project I like. I don’t really celebrate it in December anymore, so I just do it whenever. I like that. Your new Christmas quilt is cute, and I didn’t see it up close, but it doesn’t look that Christmassy to me. I see summer flowers in it. I really like it.

    Great to see you, and to see you so happy in your quilting.


  4. Oh that’s hilarious! I grew up tubing all summer long.

    Oh pretty fabric. I’m sure she will love it.

    That looks fabulous. Nice job quilting it!

    You are on a roll! I need to look for that book. I need simple patterns for Linus.

    The mask making gets old but necessary.

    Happy Crafting


  5. Love, love, love the orange, it looks great!

    Your sweet toppers with your magical ruler are just awesome.

    The camping wall hanging is coming out so cute. That sparkly fabric! And your flames!

    Good for you doing Christmas in July! I have you and your friend have a blast with that. ♥


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