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TTMT #360 – jewells68 – July 7, 2020 – Jewells, the Juggling Juggernaut

In which I talk (really quickly!) about sorting, organizing, quilting, planning, new projects I’m starting, old projects that are next to quilt… Sorry about talking so quickly, but it was my third time filming and my battery was low, I didn’t want it to die before I got into everything. Thanks for watching and stay crafty, friends!

16 thoughts on “TTMT #360 – jewells68 – July 7, 2020 – Jewells, the Juggling Juggernaut

  1. I love EQ8. The free quiltalongs they do are excellent. Each week you learn another techniques.

    Can’t wait to see you quilt your Logey Bear Leads the Way. That is such a cute design. You HAVE been busy!


    1. After some struggles getting started in E8 I am starting to enjoy it. Once I plow through more of my pile of UFOs I want to start doing some of those “workshop” type tutorials to learn how to truly make the most of it.

      I want that Bear quilt finished before signups open for the 2020 Mystery Quilt. I think it’s doable, even with my current state of disorganization, lol.


      1. The EQ8 classes are about 10 minutes each, and you have a new skill you can work on for a little while. That really helped me learn. You’re doing great with it, I can tell. It’s now become so easy for me that I’ll pop in and spit out a quilt in less time than it takes me to sketch it out on paper (and it’s easier to erase). I tend to get more and more comfortable with it and of course that gives me confidence to learn something new. I sometimes think we treat our software like we do our brains…we use them to get by when there’s so much more they can do for us if we push them a little.


  2. I just realized I watched 3/4 of your video while waiting for my appointment and then never finished. Oops!

    I’m super curious how the fabrics from your mom will come together in their new form. You’ve been an organization machine lately and I’m sure it feels gooood! ❤️


    1. You know, I’m just trying to do SOMETHING every week, even if I don’t finish it. I haven’t quilted for maybe a week, and I likely won’t get around to it until maybe Friday, but that’s ok. One day I cut, maybe the next I piece something, maybe the next I just sort. Just trying to do whatever it takes to keep on keeping on and stay as sane as I can.

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    1. The accuquilt has changed my quilting life. I think a huge part of my issues in not enjoying traditional piecing stem from the rotary cutting. Now my pieces are perfect, and I can cut them SO FAST. Before I would look at a pattern and see how many of a certain shape I needed to cut and just give up, lol. And it’s FANTASTIC for turning scraps into usable shapes. The rest goes in the garbage now. It’s biodegradable and I just know it won’t get used.

      The reason that was my third time filming was because I was filming in a new direction and I was standing too close to the overhead light, which affected all three attempts to film (they are “daylight” cfl bulbs)… our ceilings are not super high, lol. The first time you couldn’t see me at all because it was just this constant lens flare. Very artsy, but not good for a vlog, lol. The second time was completely dark. I this was the compromise. I definitely will not film from this direction again.


      1. I kind of liked the purple lights… but that may be because my sister has been rewatching old Unsolved Mysteries and it kind of makes me be like…. GHOSTS! I remember watching that show when I was a kid and my parents would send us up to bed after it was over and I’d have to flip on every light between the basement and my bedroom because the ghost and alien stories would get me all freaked out. Now I just roll my eyes at all those ghost shows… of course it’s just being too close to the weird light bulb (or the old building settling or a plane refueling or people hallucinating because there’s a gas leak……)


        1. Have you watched the episode they filmed about the Marfa Lights? They are a short drive from where Jennifer O and I went to school. We’ve both seen them, they are REAL. I’ve seen them multiple times. Even SOBER, lol.

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  3. Oh my room looks like a bomb went off right now. I have designing and testing like crazy. My desire to give it some order before the furniture arrives is zip. Feels like a waste of time. Like I’ll just redo it then. So total shit show for now.

    Omg I almost spit my water out at that wreath. Yes it’s still a thing. Y’all need to see them country girls over in NC. They all had them in my area. Someone was always starting a new “business” making them.
    Because making one was enough 😆

    Oh I loved that Project Linus Quilt with the bear paws.

    EQ 8 is a learning curve, but it’s such a fabulous tool. And you have a whole group of helpers if you need help.

    Oh yay! Another Swapper 😃

    Happy crafting


    1. It is so messy. I told Jennifer O today that I’m feeling really ADHD right now with my crafting. I never work on multiple projects at the same time, but I guess because things are different right now I’m just going to go with it until it starts to stress me out. When that happens I’ll choose what to work on and put the rest away.

      I hope to be able to really spend some time doing tutorials and things in EQ8 once I get through some of this backlog of projects and UFOs.

      I am going to force myself to make a decision on my swap plan by midweek of next week so I have time to actually MAKE it, lol.


  4. I have been trying to keep all of the yarn shops going through this pandemic so I have a sewing room with started projects and bags of yarn!! They we got new chairs for the TV room and I had to put all of that stuff in my room!! It’s hard to even walk in there! You are much more organized in you straightening.

    So great you are getting quilts quilted. That must feel really good.


    1. I attacked and put away some stuff yesterday. Still really difficult to walk in there. But progress is being made!

      Finished quilting that quilt, still need to trim and bind, but, er, um, I have to be able to use my cutting table to do that. 😉


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