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TTMT #100 – Just some of this and that.


11 thoughts on “TTMT #100 – Just some of this and that.

  1. I also don’t feel comfortable going for a haircut yet. Ah well, it’s not terrible now that I can put it up again!

    Woo, congrats on winning the challenge! I’m not much of a fish person, but I did really like the last one that has the starburst-like shape in the background. Best of luck with the next challenge.

    Your poppies are amazing!


    1. Thanks I’m really loving this new program. I have so many ideas in my head right now. I like being able to make a quilt and then stitch out something I pulled from it. More on that next week. Or…in this case…making a fish that I never would have thought of before and then designing a quilt to go under it. I’ve never been opposed to doing thing backwards.
      I’m loving the poppies. They are a challenge. When my friend told me how much she loves them, I knew what I wanted to do.

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  2. I haven’t figured out how the haircut is supposed to work if everyone is masked. I mean the person cutting, sure, but how can they cut my hair evenly if I’m wearing a mask, lol. So my rats nest just keeps getting bushier and longer, lol.

    The fishies are interesting. They seem almost too detailed for an edge to edge, but the single fish on the starbust is super cool. And those poppies are fantastic.


    1. I’m just not going to address the haircut yet. It’ll get sorted out and then I’ll get one.

      The fishies are going to be BIG – so not too detailed. I’m going to try it on the machine as soon as I can. I think it’ll work, but I see what you’re saying. The one with the starburst is for a matching pillow. I really like him.

      I need to work on those poppies. I’m getting closer to having them all in one line, but it’s certainly not easy. I’m going to really like it, though.


  3. You go girl! You did a great job on those fishy designs. I wouldn’t have thought about doing fish either, but your designs are great; I especially like the kissy fishies. My hearing isn’t as good as it once was and when you were saying poppies, I heard puppies. So I was a little surprised when I saw the flowers. They are beautiful!
    I’m really interested in seeing how that challenge quilt goes. I like the fabrics for the first block.


    1. Maybe I’ll do puppies soon. LOL.
      That challenge block is just moving along, so you’ll get to see it soon.
      Fishey was so much fun. I haven’t stitched it out yet, because my Molly is otherwise occupied. But I’m going to make a cute quilt to go under it. Sorta backwards, but that’s how good things happen sometimes. I think when you see the all-over design (it’ll be bigger and looser than the one design shows before it is repeated), you’ll like it, too.


  4. I’m in need of a hair cut too, but haven’t quite talked myself into it just yet. I did see a neat idea today, which was to cut the strings off a disposable mask, and then to use double-sided body tape to tape the mask down over your nose, under your chin, and along the sides of your face,.. so the mask is on but the straps don’t get in the way of a hair cut. I don’t have double sided body tape, but I’m sure I could find it somewhere, if I do get desperate enough. For now my hair can keep getting longer than it’s been in a decade 😀

    That groovy kitties quilt is quite cute. Fun to see it again!

    It looks like you’re really enjoying the designing right now… the fishes look great!

    The poppies are beautiful! One of my favourite flowers.


    1. That is an interesting idea. At this point, I’m just waiting on the hair.
      I am completely enjoying designing these days. Wish I had an assistant to do some sewing for me.

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  5. Hey Mary! I’m so behind. Hope you’re feeling better by now. The fish design is great! I love the animal quilt blocks too! I’m having a quilter’s block with my longarm, hence the making of more quilt tops!


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