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TTMT #65 More KH Patterns

9 thoughts on “TTMT #65 More KH Patterns

  1. Oh that’s a gorgeous pattern. I feel exactly the same way about the Zelda block I just finished. I decided if I can clean it up and make it user friendly I’ll share it .I will definitely make a note on the first page that it is a challenging pattern. I think your Dr Who patterns would be very popular. Rate them a 5 out of 5 and add a note. I think people get frustrated with patterns that actually have mistakes or problems. Like the first Dharma pattern I sent you. It was just to much with the size of it and Y seams. It won’t go together right for people. But it’s is just a lot of pieces I would put it out there. It’s gorgeous! I once put a 10 in block With 52 sections out and people actually made it.

    Either way it’s beautiful.

    I go through periods for designing nothing to designing a lot all
    At once. You just spent a year pulling together an amazing quilt along. It will come back to you.

    Happy Crafting and I hope you are enjoying your week off.


    1. Thank you. I love it so much. I do think I’m gonna add it, I just need to put the right wording on it so they know what they are getting into. A 10 in block with 52!! I bet that was fun!!
      I think I just needed to say it out load how I was feeling. Once I said it I felt better🙂 crazy how that works.

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  2. Before the KH qal started, you sent me some orphan blocks but I think they were probably early versions. None of the ones I have had orange backgrounds. I just tore my orphan blocks apart to make sure I didn’t have your missing ones!

    You know I’m happy to take any blocks you’re done with. An alphabet would be amazing. 🙂

    Generally, when we have a very difficult pattern, I’ll make a note and say it’s 5+. Whether you share or not is really up to you!


    1. I appreciate you looking. With all of the mask making mayham I could have easily mixed them with scraps or even mailed them
      I probably will be adding it, but I definitely think it needs a notation about the difficulty. I have made a few edits, so I wasn’t sure if I needed it to be retested first. Plus (another reason ) I’m having some adobe pdf issues (long story but looking for a new editor)
      I am finally making progress..i guess just a bit overwhelmed ☺


  3. Just a thought based on when I have lost clocks before, but did you look behind the ones that are on your design wall? I have inadvertently covered one up before then driven myself insane trying to find it, lol. Either way, I think it’s good to just let it go and move on. Otherwise you won’t enjoy the process anymore.


  4. Creativity ebbs and flows. Sometimes I just want to design when I need to quilt. And vice versa. I do what I am in the mood for, because when I do I am more productive and happier.

    Your blocks look fabulous, as always.

    Your designs have become so detailed that it really doesn’t even look like paper-piecing any more. Just beautiful. I suggest that you submit the design. There are people who are as patient and hard-working as you, and will love it as much as you do. Jennifer will can put a warning on it. You really love it, and others like you would appreciate your sharing. Also, someone can blow it up and turn a single block into a wall hanging, and it would still be a lot of work, but a little easier.

    I remember the VERY FIRST block you sent me that you designed. The first thing I told you was that it needed to be simplified a little. And now all this time later, you have gotten more and more detailed…and your blocks are gorgeous. Another option is to make a simpler one (that you don’t like as much) and offer the user a choice.

    We all have our designer styles. You know when you see a quilt and you say, “Hey, is that a new ________ design?” You’re like that. When I saw the first KH block design, I saw you in it. Like I see so many of my favorite designers/artists in their work. This is not a bad thing, just something you need to be aware of.

    Keep doing what you love, making designs and blocks you love, and let other people decide if they are up to your challenge are will just admire from afar. If I had ANY knowledge of KH whatsoever, I would be all over these. I have left them alone just because I don’t understand any of the underlying story, having never been exposed. The conversation about your dark arts, devil worship, and cult followings can be left for another day. I see you missed a step in one of your evil rituals and it made some of your blocks.just disappear. LOL.

    I love what your doing, your work must e exhausting, and I see how happy it makes you. The end product is amazing. Just keep doing you, my friend.


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