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TTMT#145-Gone campin’

7 thoughts on “TTMT#145-Gone campin’

  1. Campers everywhere! I love what you did with the 60° ruler. Those came out so cute! I hope you share photos when you get your camper all decked out with your fun projects.

    I’ve got more fabric coming for masks for my son to take to school in the fall. I don’t enjoy making them, but I want him to have plenty.

    Yay, I am so pleased you’re joining us for the friendship swap! Sharing your project is optional, but I thought it might be fun to at least tease since we don’t know who will be getting what!


  2. Very cute runners for your camper. And some great fabric for masks. Your story about how the camper came to be made me laugh.

    I am so looking forward to this swap!


  3. Oh those are super cute runners for the camper. I can totally see Bob and I get a small camper at some point. I love to be able to just go like that. I love forward to a video tour of it when you have all the decor finished.

    Yay I’m glad you are joining the Swap.

    I’m in the middle of making about 40 or so mask yesterday and today.
    I want the kids to have a silly number of them school. If they have to many they can give them to others. It looks as if everyone was s going back with minimal revisions to the density or schedule.

    Happy Crafting and enjoy all that camping. You’ll deserve some nice weather after those long winters.


  4. What a PERFECT use for that camper strip!
    I love how you started out by saying you weren’t up to much…then showed us all you’re up to. A lot. Wonderful things in the works.


  5. That was a terrific use for the stripe of camper fabric, and you did a fantastic job of lining those corners up, wow!

    I love cutting up panels like that to use in a quilt, I do it for linus all the time with book panels for the kids. It’s fun to give it a whole new look. That will be a fun quilt, and I hope we get to see some photos “in situ” of your decor projects when they are finished.

    Glad you are joining the swap! I have some ideas I am just trying to decide how I’m going to execute them.


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