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TTMT # 75 Design Jo is bursting!

9 thoughts on “TTMT # 75 Design Jo is bursting!

  1. Hey Jennifer! Huzzah for finding your mojo! I’m really in love with the pride heart. It’s so versatile and relevant to today. I can’t wait to see your Zelda quilt. More mask making on my agenda today too. Stay safe!


  2. Man, you are on a roll!! That Zelda block/wall hanging is absolutely beautiful. And I love both the heart and hands blocks, especially the pride heart. You go girl!!!!!.


  3. The Zelda block is really fantastic, whatever you decide to do with it.

    The new heart/unity/pride blocks are fantastic. Really awesome.

    My nosepieces did not come with sewing holes. However, my daughter needs the most masks of all of us, and she prefers the masks that don’t have them. And she prefers ear elastic to ties or behind the head. It’s been hard to find a style that works for all three of us well, so I keep trying stuff here and there. I’ve already had one of those metal nosepieces I ordered break snap in half when I was adjusting my mask. Bummer.

    Good to see you with vim and vigor and design mojo!


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