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TTMT #579 – Quilts x 2 + Crochet!

In which we revisit the Wonder Woman quilt so you can see the entire quilt and I share the first finish from Liza’s donation. Also, crochet that I almost forgot about!



11 thoughts on “TTMT #579 – Quilts x 2 + Crochet!

  1. Your meander is so even and perfect looking. You can tell you are getting a LOT of practice in, lol. Mine is all over the darn place.

    Both quilts look wonderful. I LOVE that backing. I love giant graphic prnts like that for quilt backs. So fun!

    Looking forward to the swap. I have several ideas but they have not fully formed in my brain yet.


    1. I meander so much, sometimes it’s hard of me to think of what else to do. It’s definitely my go to!

      There is SO MUCH of that print. It’s going to be on the back of many quilts!

      You already know I’m excited about the swap! 😁


  2. I love that Wonder Woman quilt. And the baby quilt is so cute – especially with that vibrant back.
    Seeing your beautiful crochet makes me wish I could still do it. My crazy fingers just won’t let me. You are right, the new yarn is lovely. Reminds me of water melon colors.


  3. I love a good meander. I rarely do it because people don’t generally pay you for something they maybe able to do themselves, but I adore it.

    Clearly you’ve already full formed your ideas for the Swap 🤣

    The Wonder Woman quilt is really lovely.

    The neon yarn is so fun. Some kid is going to be thrilled with it.

    Happy Crafting ❤️


    1. Oh, I totally get that. I love meander, but I generally only hire out for something much fancier. As you probably realize!

      Swap idea is fully on fire. I hope to work on the next step this week.

      LOVED seeing you last week. ♥


  4. Oh that afghan is my favourite of everything you’ve shown today. Gorgeous!

    That backing on the quilt from Liza is a lot of fun. I don’t tend to buy them much, but I really like big prints like that on a quilt back.


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