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TTMT #359 – jewells68 – June 30, 2020 – Hoopin’ it Up

This week I’m talking about sorting, and purging, and getting rid of junk, as well as how things are going with the q-zone hoop quilting frame, and an upcoming T-shirt Quilt project. I cut out nearly 12 minutes from the original video because ramble ramble ramble, ummm, ummm, ummmmm. You’re welcome! 😉

20 thoughts on “TTMT #359 – jewells68 – June 30, 2020 – Hoopin’ it Up

  1. It really sounds like you’re finally getting in the groove with your hoop! That is just so great and I hope it holds you over until whatever comes next.

    I’m still amazed you have shirts from college. Mine rotted to pieces years ago. T-shirt quilt for you FTW!!!


    1. If I had it to do over I doubt I would, as far as this frame is concerned. But it’s here, and I am going to make lemonade, and make the most of what I have got! If I hadn’t gotten the stitch regulator to work I would already probably have traded it in, but thankfully the investment wasn’t a total waste and now I can quilt up all my linus tops.

      I guess I just haven’t worn and washed them enough for them to disintegrate. Once those times were over they got stuck to the back of the closet with some mothballs, so at least they aren’t full of moth holes!

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  2. Doesn’t it feel good to declutter a bit? Especially when you find hidden treasures like those t-shirts. Yay for a college quilt for you!!!
    I really admire how you can “make it work”. I don’t have that talent.


    1. I couldn’t believe these tees were all (but one) in such good condition, still! I haven’t worn any of them for ages, except one that I wore on a walk a while back, and I have never made a t-shirt quilt, so I decided why not use them in a different way?

      Honestly, if I had to do it over again I wouldn’t buy this frame, but the money is spent now, and I just can’t justify to myself spending twice that much (or more) on a different frame just a year later. That won’t stop me from entering the APQS “win a longarm” sweepstakes every morning, just in case I win, though! 😉 If I win, that gives me an excuse to replace a practically new set up.


  3. Yay for quilting! Channel locks are the like slice bread…just saying 🤣
    Loading straight is the hardest thing on any set up. It’s tricky and takes time to figure out the method what works for you.

    Purging feels so good! I need to make it an annual thing. It seriously is a gift to not burden families with our crap when we are gone.

    I’m looking to for seeing your college quilt.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Purging does feel so good! If work weren’t so busy this week I would be getting way more done. As it is, I have managed to do some organizing in the project room as the storage bins I ordered arrive. I’m trying to get to where I can get rid of my largest bins in there so I don’t have to dig quite so much to find what I am looking for. I’m also trying to pare down stuff saved from Miss P’s childhood. If she doesn’t want it, and I don’t want it, why keep it? Send it on to the next generation if it’s still in good condition. My great nephews/niece would probably enjoy it, and if not, their parents can pass them on to someone else.

      I have zero interfacing, so now I need to order THAT so I can get started on the t-shirt quilt. It’s always something.


    1. I don’t know if I would say I’m excited about the frame, but I am excited to be finally quilting again, and even better, FINISHING THINGS, lol! If I could go back I would stop myself from buying it, but it’s here and dagnabbit I’m going to use it to it’s fullest potential.


  4. The charms on point are fun. Nice frame. I haven’t had a side-to-side issue on my 12′ frame (I did a 108″ one without a problem), but the up and down gets me every now and then. I just want to got higher or lower than the frame lets me. We work within our equipment limitations.

    Purging isn’t easy, and takes a change of mindset. But it’s good, and feels great afterward. Glad you’re doing that.


    1. I never had to shift the qult on my 10 foot frame, but this one is only 4.5 feet, so unless it’s crib sized you have to shift it. It’s all good. Eventually I will have a 10 footer again. Maybe 12, depends on what room is available to put it in, but probably 10 which is totally fine. If I could have whatever machine and frame I wanted, I’d have a gamill with autoadvance and an idle rail, but that’s highly unlikely, lol. For now this will have to suffice.

      My parents we born early in the depression and both grew up super poor and both were total packrats. When we went through my mom’s garage, all of their tax returns going back to my dad’s very first one in 1954 (I think) was in there. And they had moved like 7 times since then. I swore then and there I wasn’t going to put my daughter through that chore and it’s time I put my “purging hands” where my mouth is.


      1. I always wanted one of those flat ones where you lay the entire king sized thing out and clamp all four sides and the machine/robot goes around the whole thing quilting it. But that’s not going to happen.

        I am a packrat…my parents grew up in a time where you couldn’t “waste” anything, and you kept everything. It’s nice to still have some of her things, but some things are ridiculous. My brother is in their house, and he has good judgment on what we’re going to end up with. So that’s good. My house….not as good as his about the purging thing.


        1. I saw one of those for sale last year and I was so darn tempted but I would need to convert my garage to a studio to do it, which would mean getting rid of all my husbands saws and things, lol. Also that could then because my business because DAMN


          1. Yeah. If we lived closer, I would share one with you. Aren’t they just amazing! But not for me. At least not yet. I’m loving what I’ve got and it can still do so much more than I can imagine, so I’m good. I keep thinking of ways to challenge her, and she keeps stepping up. I think we’re good. But…if one of us wins the lottery…you never know.


  5. I’m glad to hear it’s been pretty easy to shift the quilt along – I’ve been really curious about that part of the qzone frames. They never seem to really show or talk much about that in the advertising videos I’ve seen. Like, they talk about it being possible, but never really talk about how or how it works. Looks like a neat quilt, at any rate.

    I feel you on the purging thing! I need to do some/a lot of my own. I’ve got all my stuff packed to go into the basement when it’s finished being updated (getting there!) but I wish I’d taken more time in the lead up to this project so that I could have gone through it all before schlepping those boxes up and down stairs haha.

    Anyway…. How fun that you’re going to do a college tshirt quilt so long after the fact 😀


    1. I am envious of you and Abby and having a whole basement to yourselves for your space.What I wouldn’t give for that kind of space to spread out in. But yeah, the stairs, ugh.That would be bad on my knees.

      Today would have been my parents’ 65th wedding anniversary (or 66th, I’m not 100% sure) and I was looking at pics and came across one from their wedding where they were cutting the cake next to the punchbowl they had gotten as a wedding gift. I donated the punchbowl to goodwill as part of the purge I talked about in this video. There was an instant of “what have I done?!”. Then I was like “I can’t bury myself under all the things no one else in the family wants and I will never use.” It’s taken a long time to get to this point of being ready to let it go but let it go I must. It usually feels good to let go, but today it was a wee bit bittersweet.


      1. Ours is a relatively small basement – there will be about 550 sq ft finished space, but it’s partly bedroom, partly bathroom, partly weird space that clearly nobody thought about when they put in the plumbing (we didn’t adjust any of that, or that weird space would not exist!) and then the rest will be my sewing room. It won’t be terribly big, but it will be bigger than the rooms I’ve used in the upstairs of the house! I’m really torn about the layout because I don’t want to fill it up with more and more stuff, which gets really easy when you suddenly find more places to stash stuff! Hopefully I can figure out something that will work better than my previous sewing spaces, anyway!

        That really is the bittersweet part of giving things away, isn’t it? I have mostly kind of settled on keeping just a couple things that have been made by the people I love, which has definitely made it easier to pass on the things that are just things. Like, a quilt from my grandma will always trump a pretty deviled egg plate that I’ll never actually use. I’m lucky to have something that was made by each of my grandparents, though, so I think that helps. I work with a lady who tells me that her entire basement is filled with tote bins of stuff that she can’t/doesn’t want to get rid of. Plus a spare bedroom that has all the furniture and other stuff her mom had when she passed away. And I always want to just say to her: “You know your sons are going to just load that all straight to the garbage dump, right?” and I never would, but her kids have zero interest in their grandma’s credenza from the 60s.. maybe they’ll change their minds some day, but I can hardly imagine it.


        1. Maybe the “weird space” could be an opportunity for some custom built-in storage? Hard to say without seeing it. But if there is space there, try to find a way to use it your advantage! 550sf is pretty big, actually, I’ve lived in apartments that were smaller. Not with all this stuff I have now, of course, lol.That WOULD be difficult, lol.

          It’s funny you should mention the deviled egg plate. That is one of the few things I kept, lol. I’ve actually used it for potlucks at work, lol. I kept that and some hand-painted china that I just think is really pretty. Like it’s not a set of china, just a few plates and some sort of dish, I have no idea what it was intended to be really. But it’s all beautifully hand-painted and I just like to see it in the china cabinet I brought from Mom’s house. That same cabinet has a few things of my mom’s (Sweet Adelines mugs and patches) a few of my dad’s (chess board, pocket watch) and few things from my youth (crystal unicorns anyone? lol) and an HP corner, with stuff I’ve received in swaps and a wand a friend brought me from WW in Los Angeles. Ken’s got some mugs from various places he’s visited in there, and there is some real antique silverware I have no idea what to do with down in the cabinet below. I was also storing board games in there but I’ve dragged them out and have offered them to coworkers with kids. Whatever they don’t want I’m donating sometime next week to Goodwill, along with some other stuff I’m putting together. Now that I’ve cleared all the other stuff out of the cabinet, I can actually see what’s in there at a glance and so a glance can make me smile. That lady sounds like my mom. She couldn’t bear to get rid of it, and when asked about it, just said, “oh the kids can deal with it when I’m gone”. Well thanks for that! And that’s why I’m not doing it. I don’t want my daughter’s most recent memories of me when I go to be of all the burdens I left her to deal with.


          1. Right now the plan for the weird space is to keep our freezer there and to put in the one piece of exercise equipment we’ve got. There will be a little more room than that, but you don’t want to be using an elliptical whilst rubbing elbows with bookshelves or whatever. (But if there’s room, I will put in a bookshelf. I have so many books! I need to find actual storage solutions for them or I need to get rid of them!)

            It is a pretty big space compared to some apartment/basement suites I’ve lived in haha… more small in the sense that I’d like to magically fit a lot more into the space than actually will be able to fit 😀 Like I’d like a (small) couch facing the tv and also a lot of bookshelves (because books! dvds! cds! fabric!) and also enough space for sewing and also useful storage for all my sewing crap. If you include bathroom and the weird space, it will more than double the space I currently had,… but I was very good at hiding how much crap was packed into those two rooms, and I’d rather it feel comfortable than packed. I might have to give up on my seating area idea if I also want it to feel comfortable, though. (Or maybe just a good chair, rather than the couch.)

            I think the newly purged cabinet sounds nice! Lots of special things in one place.


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