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TTMT #1- My First One June 30, 2020

My First Talk To Me Tuesday. I have been wanting to join in for a while. So finally decided to post to this group, after watching for some time. I talk about the Harry Potter Bookshelf quilt. Journal covers, Sapphire Star quilts and my Folded Quilt that still needs the rest of the button embellishments.

13 thoughts on “TTMT #1- My First One June 30, 2020

  1. Welcome Michelle!!! Good to see a new face. All of your quilts are beautiful!!! I’m a little partial to the Harry Potter quilt, but all of them are lovely! The folded quilt is very interesting; I haven’t seen some of those block patterns in it.

    Nice journal too. Great project for your guild.

    Again, welcome.

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  2. Welcome Michelle! I’m so glad you decided to hop onto TTMT. Seriously a fun group and even better during these crazy times that we don’t get to see our friends in person.

    Of course, I think just about all of us love a Project of Doom. I have made 2 of them. I am working on patterns for next years quilt a long for the Year of Doom.

    The journal covers are a fun idea. I started a quilting journal this year but puttered off in maybe Mid March. I have to get back to it. I enjoyed seeing it in writing.

    Omg the folded quilt is so cool. I’m not sure I have ever seen one like it. I imagine it would be an amazingly enjoyable for a person with tactical sensation needs. So much texture to feel.

    Well I’m so glad you decided to make videos. Come back soon!

    Happy Crafting

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  3. Yay, I’m so glad you’ve joined us! It’s really nice to see you here! Most of our TTMT friends originally came from one of the fandom groups. 🙂

    I’m always happy to see a PoD, of course. 😉

    I really like your journal cover. That’s such a fun project!

    Your quilts are really beautiful, I especially like the folded one!

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  4. Welcome, Michelle, to our crafty village. I think I have seen a comment here and there from you before so I know you have been visiting… glad you decided to jump in and make a video! You PoD is looking great, I have finished 2, but the first took me 7 years from start to finish… it’s a labor of love, for sure! It will be well loved I am sure of that.

    Your other quilts are very nice, I especially like the embellished one. My cat tends to eat buttons off things, so I can’t embellish my furnishings, but I love how they look!

    Again, welcome!

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    1. Thanks. We don’t have any pets. But t love seeing other people’s pets. I look forward to posting more on a regular basis. New routine, since my 40hour/week job went away. Definitely more sewing. I started my POD before my job, my daughter is waiting patiently for me to finish it. It has been a good project to work on together. She has helped with fabric choices.


  5. I’m so happy you’re here, Michelle!

    Your POD looks fabulous. You are very talented. I’ve wanted to try a folded quilt for years. Hopefully I won’t start anything new just yet (it’s my weakness).

    That background is one I love. I am using the same print in a purple/green color in my Mardi Gras quilt (the dogs are going to the Mardi Gras) and love how it looks like Mardi Gras beads. Great idea for a backing.

    I hope we’re going to see much more of you…we’re no pressure. We aim for Tuesday, but do what you want/can. We don’t need to know why you miss a week (ore more), we just want to see you when you get back.

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    1. Thank you for welcoming me to the group. The folded quilt was from my quilt guilds Fold It program last year, that I helped co-chair. I started so many projects last year as giant 20-40″ blocks to demonstrate the different folding techniques. They are going to be made into charity quilts. That is why I went with the theme of finishing and journalling for programs this year. However, guild has only met once. Hopefully we will have a masked outdoor meeting this week. I like to go by the saying, Finish one quilt and start two. But once and a while I reverse that and finish two for each one I start.


      1. You sound like me. I just love to start quilts. I love to design them, choose the fabric, and sew enough to know it’ll work. Then I tend to get bored. But I circle back.

        One of our guilds (the modern quilt quild) has been meeting by Zoom, and I STILL can’t seem to make it to the meetings. Maybe next month.

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