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TTMT #82 Knitted Mask, Another Hat Corrected

Can you tell how far behind I’ve been reading my email? lol

7 thoughts on “TTMT #82 Knitted Mask, Another Hat Corrected

  1. Your hubby did a great job on the hair cut. I like the hat and that mask is very novel! Doesn’t it feel good to have cleared out some stuff? I’ve been doing a bit of that too. Problem for me is that there is so much stuff left, it doesn’t look like I’ve done much. Guess I need to keep at it.


  2. What a good job he did on your haircut! Now of course he’ll have to keep doing it for you. 😉

    I had seen some knitted and crocheted masks online and was considering trying that with some of my cotton blend yard or sugar and cream. That might make it tolerable to have it behind the ears. You’ll have to let us know how you like it once you’ve tried it “in action” so to speak. 😉


  3. Your hat looks great. THAT’S trust.
    Knitted masks!!!! My goodness. We really are getting so creative. And you’re so productive!
    You have new places to store things?!?!? Yay!!! The possibilities are endless.
    Great to see you.


  4. Love the haircut! Don’t think I would trust my hubby to do such a nice job 🙂
    My college daughter has started to knit since quarantine. She’s making a scrappy block quilt. I can’t knit to save my life!


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