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TTMT(OW): TTMT On Wednesday (as usual)

7 thoughts on “TTMT(OW): TTMT On Wednesday (as usual)

  1. Wow! Going out to eat. That must have been different. We’ve ordered food and picked it up, but I can’t even guess when we will be able to eat out.

    I’m glad you got to see your son. That must have been wonderful.

    Be good!!


    1. It was different; not sure I’m really comfortable with it so we won’t be doing it any time real soon though. The boys and Vanessa have been by a few times but have socially distanced while here except on Mother’s Day when Pat gave me a hug.


  2. We’re not considering dining out yet. Sounds fun.
    Those mugrugs are sooooo cute.
    We have several quilters’ retreats here. I haven’t been to one yet. The people I would go with for the weekend are people I haven’t seen in months, so I’m not ready to be in the same house with them. Those gifts for guests are amazing!
    Great so see you. Glad you’re all healthy.


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