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TTMT#144-I finished kindergarten!

OMG! I look tired. Don’t feel that, but have had a pms headache all day….

4 thoughts on “TTMT#144-I finished kindergarten!

  1. You have been busy! I love the progress on both quilt tops. The finish on the handprint quilt is perfect, too. Great dad’s days pillowcases. The camping fabric is perfect!

    It’s good to see so many of our friends happy and productive!


  2. I love the finished kindergarten quilt! the backing and binding are just perfect for that. Isn’t it awesome to just already have strips you can grab from to be binding! I think that is my favorite thing about the accuquilt.

    I love on point quilts! I’ve only ever made a couple or three, but I just love how they look, and this one is no exception. And the other top looks great, too.

    I have carpal tunnel bad in both hands./wrists, but I find as long as I don’t do handwork for extended periods I can do it here and there without too many problems. ANd if they do start to bother me I sleep a night or two wearing my wrist brace, and stop doing hand work for a few days and then they feel better. Those are cute camper blocks, too.

    Looks like your sewjo is back and going full speed ahead!


  3. Wow! You put together a lot of 2 1/2″ squares. They look great. You could use the 2 extra blocks on the backing.
    Love the kinder quilt. That is so much fun to make.
    Have another good week.


  4. So I’m so relieved that you finally finished kidnergarten…how many decades did that take you? The daycare quilt got cuter each week and turned out just adorable.
    That chain really looks fun. I treat patterns like recipes…they all need to be customized a little. Your changes are great.
    The dots will be great on the Square Deal.
    What fun to have new pillow cases for the camping season.
    I put boxed corners on a topsheet once when it just wouldn’t stay on. It was years ago. It worked.


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