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TTMT #74 Designing and mask tweaks

9 thoughts on “TTMT #74 Designing and mask tweaks

  1. That pull is genius! I’ll have to to keep that in mind if/when I make more masks.

    I saw your post about the mascara wands and I definitely want to try that. The brushes I’ve been using are for sewing machines and just don’t last.

    I’ve “maxed out” a few times on eq. If I’m remembering correctly, I ended up simplifying the designs, but that’s not always an option.

    Looking forward to seeing what your sewjo has in store for you (and us!).


  2. I have one mask with the cord lock/toggle that I happened to have on hand, I think it came off of my hat I wear when I’m doing yard work (it’s one of those canvas outback style hats). I was a wee bit worried about tossing it in the washing machine, but if I came across some that were for sure washable that would be fantastic. maybe a wee bit smaller than the one I have would be nice, too. I just received my order of 100 metal bendable nose pieces that I ordered over a month ago, lol. AFTER I decided I was done with masks. But I will use one to replace the wired ribbon I put inside one of my masks, which is starting to poke through and be uncomfortable. But mine don’t have sew holes, now I’m jealous, lol. Mine are self-adhesive, so I stuck it to the outside of a mask I had already finished and it worked really well helping my glasses not fog up. ALthough the adhesive didn’t work all the way across. I was actually thinking of use my button-sewing foot on my cheapo brother to sew it down on both ends. I put one inside a little sleeve I added like Jennifer O did and it snapped in half when I was bending it. So outside seems to have worked best for mine so far. Thanks for the tips!


    1. I plan to wash my mask in a Lingerie bag. So far I have been washing them without a bag for the old ones. But for the new ones I am hoping that will be enough to deal with the cord locks and metal.

      I can send you a few if you need some more of the cord locks. They are not as small as I hoped but they aren’t to bad when using them with the jersey ties. I seriously I thought I bought a bag of 50. I was actually like 150. 🤦🏻‍♀️


  3. You have mastered the mask! i’m using an Accuquilt die for mine. I have used shoelaces, t-shirt strings, bias tape, home-made binding, elastic…the little metal things (they come in a bag of 100, so I won’t run out of that). When the owner of my LQS asked if I could make 4 masks for a customer of hers, I just threw them together in an hour with some Louisiana prints (crawfish, tobasco peppers, fleur-de-lis, etc.). They were adorable and I was happy that I had all the supplies I needed. She asked if I needed anything. Nope. Felt good.


  4. They haven’t made mask wearing mandatory here (partly because they’d have to create a city bylaw if the city were to enforce it and they don’t want to have to). When I’m at work I feel like the majority of the people who shop are wearing them, but I went out to Ikea last weekend for something (ordering online has been problematic from them) and I would guess about 10% of the people in the line were wearing masks. I was kind of surprised! Some places here are requiring them and others are requesting but not requiring… I don’t know. We haven’t had the explosions in numbers like in the US though, so I guess there’s no real political will to force people into wearing them. Ugh, anyway.. I like the idea of the toggle to help adjust the ties… tying a strap against/in my hair has been kind of annoying (but I didn’t want to fiddle around with elastic either). It’s kind of amazing the things you can order online now, isn’t it?


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