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TTMT #64 So much to do , so little time.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #64 So much to do , so little time.

  1. Jeanie, set yourself free! I’m more than happy to take any blocks you’re over. Send them my way anytime! If anyone can shorten that list in no time, it’s you. It’ll feel so good, too!

    Love your new friend! We watched The Mandalorian fairly recently. The redhead and I dubbed him The Green Bean. 💚


  2. You do what you need to do to feel good about what you have on your plate. anything you decide is good! I feel the same. I didn’t even update my to-do chart this year and I am glad I did because the this year is shaping up I would have been totally depressed by it. Instead I am done with masks for now, and I cleaned my frame, added more lighting to my carriage, cleaned and oiled my juki (on the frame), and chose a top and loaded a quilt back on my frame this morning all before clocking in to work., and I am rarin to get started on my back log of quilt tops that need quilting. once I get going on that I will probably feel like working on a top. It feels good to get going, so get rid of anything that is bogging you down, or start cranking through that list and knowing you I am sure you will knock them out!

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  3. Oh I feel the same way. I can have a few things going on but prefer on focus at a time. I definitely end up feeling stressed over a long list. My plan for the rest of 2020 is just finishing things. I don’t want to start anything new until I have my started projects done. Between 2019 & 2020 my UFOs have stacked up. I usually never have ufos.

    I am probably going to make a few orphan block quilts myself to get them out of here.

    You always get a ton done. I’m sure you will clear that list faster than I would. But by all mean get rid of what is stressful!

    Happy Crafting & Planning


  4. I think if you just like having one project at a time, then you should only work on one at a time! Forget what Never Finished Nellys like me do haha… I hate having 30 different projects and wish I had even half your focus, but I can’t seem to manage it.

    Anyway, when you’ve got time to work on things, you usually blast through them at a pretty good clip, I bet you will again! (At least if life has settled down a little for you!)

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    1. I am also a Never Finished Nelly, which is why you see so many of my UFOs being finished by Jennifer and Jewels for Linus. I also gave a bunch to a local quilt guild a few months ago for their charity quilt drive. I still have more than I want to count right now. We all work in our own way and whatever makes you happy is perfect.


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